Bread Pans

Fine, quality bread pans for your baking.

Pizza Stones

Stone-cooked pizza this summer?

Grain Mills

Unrivalled fresh flour when you need it.

Fine artisan bakeware and equipment for avid and pro bakers. Tools and equipment for the domestic baker, micro bakery and industrial baker.

We have everything you need for bread baking. You can develop the perfect crust with our range of bread pans. If you need a bread tin to support your loaf, we have a vast array of tins. For fresh flour milling, be sure to check out our grain mills.

  • Baking SteelBaking Steel Close Up
    £46.66  Excl. VAT

    Free UK DeliveryThis baking steel, or baking sheet, caters for a range of uses from pizza to baguettes. This simple steel does it all. Just place the steel in your home oven and the thermal quality will absorb heat fast. The steel warms up much quicker than stone and radiates at a much higher heat too.

    • Heats up fast.
    • Designed for bread and pizza dough.
    • 33CM X 38CM X 0.6CM.
    • Suitable for oven or BBQ.
    • Robust and Durable.
    • Made in the UK.
    • Easy flat storage.
    • Super efficient conduction.
  • £17.00£21.50  Excl. VAT

    A scraper or dough knife design for the artisan baker. Make your dough prep process easy with Campbell’s Dough Knife. Specially crafted with sourdough bakers in mind.

  • Challenger Bench Dough Knife
    £24.99  Excl. VAT

    The Challenger bench knife is a thing of beauty to behold. A large nonstick blade provides ample scraping surface. The dough blade measures 4″ x 8″ (10cm x 20cm).

    The Challenger dough knife is a great addition to the avid bakers toolbox. The wide 8 inch blade will allow you you to portion or shape dough with precision and ease.

  • Challenger Bread PanChallenger bread pan open
    £210.00  Excl. VAT

    Free UK Delivery Icon

    Bake your bread the right way with the beautifully made cast iron Challenger bread pan.

    The pan is extremely well made;

    • Easily removable cover.
    • Creates a perfect amount of steam.
    • Ideal for all shapes of loaf.
    • Made from thick cast iron.
    • Shallow base – to easily load in your dough.
  • Cube Pullman Steel Bread Tin
    £8.00£8.50  Excl. VAT

    High-grade fabricated steel cube pullman bread tins.

    What is a Pullman Loaf?

    Pullman bread or loaf, typically sliced for a sandwich, is a type of bread made with white flour. The Pullman dough is baked in a long and narrow pan. A lid is usually used to restrict the rise and give the bread it’s signature cube shape. The French term used to describe this loaf is pain de mie.

  • Emile Henry Bread Cloche - RedEmile Henry Bread Cloche - Black
    £108.25  Excl. VAT

    Challenger Bread Pan - Free UK ShippingFine ceramic Emile Henry bread cloche.

    The Emile Henry bread cloche is a design classic.

    Shaped like a bell, the dome is used to trap steam and assist with rise.

    Unlike a Dutch oven, bakers can lift the lid to reveal the bake neatly stacked onto a shallow base.

  • Emile Henry Flan DishEmile Henry Flan Dish - Black
    £24.00  Excl. VAT

    Emile Henry supply fine ceramic dishes. This bold and eye-catching flan dish is no exception.

    With a long pedigree of craftmanship, you can rest assured this dish is likely to liven up any table.

    A fine 24cm/9.45inch ceramic flan dish with a smooth enamel coating.

    Beautifully functional with a distinctive style for serving.


  • Emile Henry Round Pizza Stone RedEmile Henry Round Pizza Stone Black
    £41.25£48.75  Excl. VAT

    Free UK Delivery IconMake a crisp, crunchy and golden pizza crust wiith the iconic stone design. The fine quality ceramic comes from the Emile Henry worshops in Burgandy, France.

    • The baking stone can be used in oven or microwave or BBQ.
    • Can be washed in the dishwasher
    • Effortless cleaning
    • Superb pizza cooking results
  • Mockmill 100 Grain MillMockmill Grain Mill - Back View
    £162.99  Excl. VAT

    Free UK delivery iconCompact grain mill design to minimise work space. The 100 is a great starter mill for any budding baker. Mill fresh grains, spices and salt with ease.

    • Mill 100g of fine flour in a minute
    • Multifunctional for peas, seeds, wheat and spices
    • Made with renewable materials
    • The freshest flour when you want it
    • Hard-wearing ceramic mill-wheel
    • Adjustable 10 point control for grind coarseness
  • Mockmill 200 Grain MillMockmill Grain Mill - Back View
    £213.00  Excl. VAT

    Free UK delivery icon

    Mill fresh flour from grain with ease. We’re proud to ship the Mockmill 200 grain mills and grinders from the UK.

    • Electric grain mill with 200G per minute capability.
    • Adjustable 10 point control for coarse to fine milling,
    • Robust ceramic milling stone.
    • Environment friendly materials.
    • Compact design.
    • Can be used to grind grains, coffee, spices and cereals.
  • Mockmill Lino 100 Grain MillMockmill Lino Grain Mill - Perspective Sale
    £280.00£360.00  Excl. VAT

    Free UK delivery icon

    The Mockmill Lino grain mills are made up of two models. Both are distinguishable by their motor. The 100 mill is capable of a 100G of fine flour per minute whereas the 200 is capable of 200G of fresh, fine flour per minute. The Lino 100 is a great mill for the starter miller and the Lino 200 would suit the more impatient, who want flour fast!

    • Easy to operate electric mill.
    • 10-point adjustable control for coarse to fine.
    • 100: Outputs 100 grams of soft wheat / minute.
    • 200: Outputs 200 grams of soft wheat / minute.
    • Sturdy and robust motor.
    • Ceramic milling stone (90mm).
    • Casing: Wood and Arboblend® (bio-plastic).
    • Made in Germany.
    • Shipped from the UK.
  • Steel Loaf Tin SmallSteel Loaf Tin Small Front Sale
    £8.40  Excl. VAT

    These steel bread tins are perfectly sized for malt loafs.

    Robust, hard-wearing bread tins Made in the UK. Ideal for either domestic or professional bakers.

    The tin internal measures 165 x 105 x 100mm.