Rofco Oven

Rofco Oven LogoRofco ovens are the industry standard cooking appliance for bakers and bakeries.

Made in Belgium, these reliable ovens come in various sizes and last for generations. Rofco ovens are particularly well-suited to baking batches of loaves ranging from capacity for 2 loaves (the Rofco B5) to 18 loaves (the Rofco B40). A bestseller is the Rofco B20 which holds 6-9 loaves depending on the size.

Perfect for bakers looking to step up their game, but also a fantastic oven for those starting up bread-baking ventures themselves.


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  • Rofco Oven StandRofco Oven Stand Rack Trolley - Shelf Tray
    £249.99 Exc. Tax

    This oven stand is suitable for a Rofco B40 Oven. It includes wheels for easy mobility and an extendable shelf and 3 tray runners.

  • Silicone Baking Mat for a Rofco Oven
    Out of Stock
    £11.00 Exc. Tax

    This is a purpose built silicone baking mat for your Rofco oven. The mats come in packs of 3. Durable, easy to store and glide removal of your bake.

    Silicone and the non-stick coating makes for easy cleaning and the flex helps storage.


  • Wire Grid (Rofco B40 Size)
    Out of Stock
    £11.00 Exc. Tax

    Hard-wearing wire grid specifically designed for the Rofco oven. Conveniently add an extra shelf to your over. This can also be used as a cooling rack for your bread or other bakes.


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