Sourdough Boule Baking Kit

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Bake a fantastic sourdough boule with this handy bread kit. The perfect gift for any budding home baker.

What does the kit include?



What’s included

The Sourdough School Book

The Sourdough School book is a comprehensive guide to making and caring for sourdough bread. Written by expert baker and teacher, Vanessa Kimbell, the book covers everything from choosing and nurturing your sourdough starter to baking a wide range of sourdough breads.

In addition to detailed recipes, the book gives tips on how to solve common issues with sourdough bread, such as a dense crumb or a lack of taste. It also details how to use sourdough in other dishes, such as pizza and pancakes.

One of the unique features of the book is its focus on using natural, organic ingredients in sourdough bread. Vanessa is a strong advocate of healthy and flavourful bread.

Overall, the Sourdough School book is a valuable resource for anyone looking to learn more about sourdough bread and improve their skills in the kitchen.


The strong organic bread flour from Marriage’s mill has been specifically selected for the high protein content and taste. This protein content is what gives the flour its strength and elasticity. The flour is milled using traditional methods, which preserves the natural nutrients and flavour of the wheat. It is also free from chemicals and additives, making it a healthy and eco-friendly choice for bakers. Marriage’s Mill have been milling flour for over 200 years and their honed expertise transcends through this fabulous bread flour.

The wholemeal base blend flour will provide a powerful and mighty nutritional punch. A botanical celebration of 10 grains, seeds and pulses with nettle and seaweed are blended together to make this hearty flour blend.

A bag of Sourdough School salt comes directly from the shores of Anglesey. The flavour is simply unrivalled and helps to balance the acidity of your sourdough.

Working your dough

A good quality bench knife and dough scraper has been included to ensure you have all the tools necessary for easily working, shaping and managing your dough. The Challenger bench knife is crafted from stainless steel and features a smooth walnut wooden handle.


The 1kg round wicker banneton will hold, shape and support your dough through the proving stages. Carefully crafted and built to use time and time again.


The secret to good sourdough baking is knowing how to control the acidity of the ferment. That’s why we’ve included a handy digital thermometer that lets you pin point the exact temperature of your sourdough starter.

5 luxury printed sourdough cards are also included with the kit. The cards detail maintenance of your white Sourdough Starter, scheduling, record keeping, Basic Sourdough Boule Recipe, Flavour Wheel.


The no-nonsense scoring lame will help you glide through your boule dough. Carve in decorative patterns and create expansive fins and breaks.


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Weight 8.5 kg
Dimensions 42 × 29 × 10 cm
Bread Pan

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Sourdough Boule Kit

Sourdough Boule Baking Kit

£82.50 Exc. Tax

Out of stock