Bake a Boule Bread Kit

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Bake a fantastic boule or sourdough with this handy bread kit. Perfect for any budding home baker.


  • Bread Pan (Choose from a Lodge or Netherton Foundry)
  • Lame for scoring your dough
  • 2x 1kg wicker round bannetons with liners
  • 1 Dough Scraper


Bread Pan

The secret to getting a golden crust, drawing starch to the surface and supporting expansive oven spring is a solid bread pan. The pan enables you to lock in steam around the bread.


Bannetons support the bread dough as it rises and ferments. The linen is dusted with a sprinkling of flour which allows the dough to pop out easily.


A lame is used to score the surface of your dough. This manipulates and aids expansion of the dough as it bakes.


Additional information

Weight 8.5 kg
Dimensions 42 × 29 × 10 cm
Bread Pan

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Bake a Boule Bread Kit

Bake a Boule Bread Kit

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