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The funky KomoMio with an eco twist. New for 2023, the KomoMio Eco features a renewable cork funnel and will help grind flour grain, pulses and more.

Made in Austria, this fun and colourful mill is sure to freshen up your mornings and your muesli. The mill blends beech wood housing, fresh and funky renewable coloured trim with a cork hopper.

  • Made from beech solid wood, bio plastic and cork.
  • Ceramic mill stone.
  • Perfect for home milling.
  • 100G p/m flour output.
  • Adjust fine to course output.
  • 12 Year Guarantee.
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Soft Wheat icon

✓ Wheat Grains

Soft grains such as wheat, spelt, rye, kamut, emmer, einkorn, barley, unripe spelt and oats

Hard Grains icon

✓ Hard Grains

e.g. B. millet, corn, buckwheat, brown millet, quinoa, amaranth, corn (no popcorn rice), rice and rosehip seeds

Pulses icon

✓ Pulses

Beans, peas, lentils, chickpeas, yellow/red lentils, soybeans and lupins

Coffee icon

✓ Coffee

All varieties as roasted beans (note: flavour transfer to the mill stones. We recommend interchanging 2 mill stones.

Pepper icon

✓ Spices

Pepper, chili peppers, mustard seeds, caraway, fennel, coriander, peeled cardamom, cloves, aniseed, rosemary, thyme and lovage.

The funky design from Komo is a great fun way to engage children with healthy eating.

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Dimensions 16 × 16.5 × 37.5 cm


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KomoMio Eco Grain Mill Front

KoMoMio Eco Grain Mill

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