Baking Steel / Pizza Steel

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This baking steel, or baking sheet, caters to a range of uses from pizza to baguettes. This simple steel does it all. Just place the steel in your home oven and the thermal quality will absorb heat fast. The steel warms up much quicker than stone and radiates at a much higher heat too.

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Includes 1.5kg of fine 00 Pizza flour and 50g of fresh sourdough starter.

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  • Heats up fast.
  • Designed for bread and pizza dough.
  • 33CM X 38CM X 0.6CM.
  • Free 1kg bag of Italian “00” pizza flour.
  • Suitable for oven or BBQ.
  • Robust and Durable.
  • Made in the UK.
  • Easy flat storage.
  • Super efficient conduction.

How does the baking steel plate work?

The baking steel sits in your oven, heats up fast and will provide a very strong heat source when you need it. This radiated heat source is great for cooking pizza, bread, cookies and more.

The steel can also be used to radiate even heat to a baking tray placed above it. This is perfect if you need to roast vegetables fast and evenly.

The concentrated steel heat source will help take your bread and pizza baking skills to a new level. Now you can give your pizza base a charred and crispy bite that’ll rival any Napoli brick oven.

Is the baking steel pre-seasoned?

The baking steel plate is not pre-seasoned. This allows you to season the steel using an oil of your choice.

Do I need to re-season the baking steel plate?

We advise that you season between each bake. This will help preserve the metal and avoid rust. Additionally, gas ovens can expose the steel to more moisture than an electric oven.

Baking Steel Dimensions

How to use?

Place the steel in your oven and preheat until 230 °C-260 °C. The time will vary for different ovens, but generally the steel will take 20-30 minutes to heat up.

Once the steel has been heated, take care and use an oven glove to pull the oven shelf half-way out. Use a specialist peel to place your desired dough onto the steel surface. The seasoning should help avoid sticking, but you could also sprinkle flour, semolina, or apply parchment paper.

Prepare for some serious oven spring. The steel is a very concentrated heat source. Cook your bake, but be cautious that the steel may cook your bread or pizza, quicker than your recipe suggests.

When your bread bake or pizza creation is complete, partially pull out the oven shelf. Take care and remove your creation from the baking steel using a peel or gloves. Return the shelf and steel to the oven, to cool. The steel will retain heat, so safely leave to cool in the oven.

Additional information

Weight 5.97 kg
Dimensions 40.65 × 35 × 2.55 cm







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Where do you ship the baking steel from?
We ship the baking steel from the UK.


2 reviews for Baking Steel / Pizza Steel

  1. James

    Cooks a great pizza crust. Now a permanent fixture on the lower oven shelf.

  2. Kirsty

    I’m delighted with my baking steel. It cooks great bread and I can’t wait to see what else it can do. Great customer service. Delivery was delayed but the staff member communicated on time and sorted out the problem for me. Thanks for a great customer service.

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Baking Steel

Baking Steel / Pizza Steel

£41.66 Exc. Tax

In stock