The Sourdough School Dough Scraper

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Sometimes things just take time. This dough scraper is one of those things that took a long time to design with EJ from Hatchet + Bear. It took three of us to put it together beautifully, to get the weight and the feel and the wood, and the blade, made in a way that we felt not only represented a tool that felt right but felt balanced and handled well…and just felt right in my hand.

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I wanted something that had the same integrity that my bread has, something that felt right on every level, that would be a tool to use for life, a piece that will become an heirloom. I cannot apologise for the cost of these wooden dough scrapers. They have been exquisitely handcrafted, using the very best materials, and made in small batches – the absolute antithesis of mass production. I hope that if you invest in one you will treasure it for many years to come.

Often dough scrapers have either been falling apart after a couple of years of using them, or have been too big for my hands. But this Wooden Dough Scraper seems beautifully balanced and is created for both men and women. They fit my hand beautifully and as much as I would like to say I have dainty, girly hands, I don’t. I have quite robust medium sized hands. I think the thing I love most about them is that Campbell from Rackmaster made the blades to the highest specification with a finish that specifically stops you from catching yourself with sharp corners – they have been bevelled off. The wood was sustainably and ethically sourced, and the handles were handmade by my dear friend EJ at Hatchet + Bear. Very sadly EJ is no longer with us. A close friend of EJ’s who is also a wood turner and carver offered to put these together again for us as in remembrance of our dear friend.

Brand: The Sourdough School by Hatchet + Bear, Rackmaster and Burr Studio at Frome Hardware

Materials: handle carved from a walnut tree, partially fired and finished with linseed oil, hand-made 304 stainless steel blade

Care: Wipe blade clean with warm, damp cloth. Do not soak the handle in water. Season the handle as required with linseed oil or Netherton’s Flaxseed Oil

Size: 15cm x 11cm

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Sourdough School Dough Scraper

The Sourdough School Dough Scraper

£58.32 Exc. Tax

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