Flan Dishes

What are flan dishes?
Flan dishes are used to support, hold and serve a flan. The bottom of the dish is typically lined with pastry. A savoury or sweet filling is layered onto this.
Different types of flan dishes
A flan dish is commonly round in shape. The sides tend to be a ruffled form to improve aesthetic or reinforce the baked structure.
Ceramic is a popular flan dish material. A number of other choices include glass or tin.

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  • Emile Henry Flan DishEmile Henry Flan Dish - Black
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    Emile Henry supply fine ceramic dishes. This bold and eye-catching flan dish is no exception.

    With a long pedigree of craftmanship, you can rest assured this dish is likely to liven up any table.

    A fine 24cm/9.45inch ceramic flan dish with a smooth enamel coating.

    Beautifully functional with a distinctive style for serving.


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