Lodge Cast Iron

Lodge Cast Iron origins trace back to 1877. The brand has a solid and rich pedigree. Lodge are renown for creating and casting robust, heavy duty iron bakeware.

Staple Lodge Cast Iron designs include; dutch ovens, skillets, and pans.

The Lodge Dutch Oven a firm favourite among bakers who love to use them as ideal bread pans.

We’re a proud UK stockist of Lodge Cast Iron bakeware.


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  • Lodge Dutch ovenLodge Dutch oven side view
    £69.00 Exc. Tax

    A traditional, loop-handled Dutch oven from Lodge Cast-Iron. Revered by old school bread bakers, the Lodge Dutch oven will withstand all that you can throw at it. Versatile use in the oven, on the stove, on the grill, or over a campfire.

    • Super strong cast iron.
    • No flaky coatings.
    • Lock in steam.
    • Ergonomic top handle.
    • Comes pre-seasoned (vegetable oil).


  • Lodge camp Dutch oven side viewLodge camp Dutch oven side view
    £91.00 Exc. Tax

    A camp Dutch oven from famed cast-iron maker Lodge. This camp Dutch oven differs to the standard models with its handy legs to raise above hot coals. If you’d prefer, use the bail handle to hang the pot on a tripod.>

    • Pre-seasoned solid cast iron.
    • Super strong heat retention.
    • Legs and large handle to support outdoor cooking.
    • Made in the US, Stocked and shipped from the UK.
  • Bake a Boule Bread KitBake a Boule Bread Kit
    £99.99£305.00 Exc. Tax

    Bake a fantastic boule or sourdough with this handy bread kit. Perfect for any budding home baker.


    • Bread Pan (Choose from a Lodge or Netherton Foundry)
    • Lame for scoring your dough
    • 2x 1kg wicker round bannetons with liners
    • 1 Dough Scraper
  • Sourdough Boule KitSourdough Boule Kit
    £82.50 Exc. Tax

    Bake a fantastic sourdough boule with this handy bread kit. The perfect gift for any budding home baker.

    What does the kit include?


  • Lodge Cast Iron Bread Pan Double DutchLodge cast-iron with bread
    Out of Stock

    A superb Dutch oven from Lodge Cast-Iron. The pan is perfect for bread, roasts and more. Additionally, the flat lid doubles as a strong and functional skillet and allows the pan to be inverted.

    The Lodge Dutch oven is a firm favourite among old school bakers.

    • Made from strong and robust cast iron.
    • Convenient form for baking sourdough or round boules.
    • Lock in steam to promote oven spring and aid dough expansion.
    • Skillet for sautéing vegetables and meat.
    • Handles placed on both the pan and lid for versatile control.
    • The pan comes pre-seasoned (vegetable oil) at Lodge’s foundry.


  • Lodge Cast Iron Pizza Pan
    Out of Stock
    £61.77 Exc. Tax

    A timeless cast iron pizza pan from Lodge Cast Iron measuring 35.56 cm / 14 inch.

    • Comes Pre-Seasoned for instant use.
    • Create fantastic pizza fast.
    • Use the pan to handily sear meat and veg.
    • Large loop handles on both sides for easy control with mitts.
    • The cast iron radiates even heat with no weak spots.
    • Will withstand the heat of any conventional or convection oven.
    • Can be used safely with metal, wood and silicone utensils.
    • Lodge Lifetime guarantee.

Where are Lodge Cast Iron pots and pans made?

Lodge Cast Iron cookware is made at the Lodge foundry South Pittsburg, TN, US.

Is Lodge Cast Iron bakeware pre-seasoned?

Yes. Lodge pre-season most of their bakeware with a protective baked in oil coating. This natural season ensures you can bake straight away and straight out of the box. However, some Lodge bakeware is coated in enamel.

What is cast iron?

Cast iron is a brittle alloy carbon. Cast iron is suited to ovenware due to a low melting point and high ability to withstand wear and knocks. During production, cast iron is heated to a melting or boiling point (1200oC) at which point it becomes malleable to shape and mould.

Can I put Lodge cast iron pots and pans in the dishwasher?

Seasoned Lodge bakeware are not dishwasher safe. Chemicals in the dishwasher may degrade the protective seasoning. This will encourage and result in rust.

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