Flour & Grain Subscriptions

Sourcing good quality flour or grain can be arduous task. That’s why we provide a range of flour and grain subscriptions. You can get the following flour or grain delivered monthly. All for your convenience.


5 Products

  • Grain mix subscription
    From: £9.99 / month

    A monthly subscription of grains for you to blend and mill at home. Delivered fresh to your door each month.

    • Choose 3 1.5kg or 3kg bags.
    • Includes 3 types of grain: wheat, rye & spelt.
    • Unrivalled convenience and freshness.
    • Create your own millers mix.
    • Make changes to your grain choices later.
  • Marriages Strong Organic White FlourBread made with Marriage's strong organic flour
    £1.59 / month

    High protein white flour for bread, rolls, pizza and puff pastry. From UK-based Marriage’s mill.

    • 1kg bag
    • Suitable for bread machines
    • Milling flour since 1824
    • Delivered monthly for your convenience


  • Speciale 00 flourSpeciale 00 flour used in pizza

    Speciale is a superb, super fine 00 flour for making the very best pizza at home. Our double zero, doppio zero or 00 flour, is a very fine and light Italian flour. It’s used to make pizza dough, pasta, and focaccias.

    • High in protein for super elastic dough.
    • Great for a slow rising pizza dough.
    • Creates a light and airy dough form.
    • Great taste and flavour.
    • Soft wheat & starch.


  • Sourdough FlourSourdough Bread
    From: £6.99 / month

    A 50:50 base blend of strong white and brown bread flour. Delivered for you as a one-off or on a monthly schedule. If choosing a monthly delivery, you can cancel at any time.

    • Specially selected flour for sourdough bread.
    • Includes both T65 White & T150 Wholegrain.
    • 2x 1KG Bags.
    • High quality artisan bread flour.
    • Ideal feed for your sourdough starter.
  • Foricher Flour SubscriptionSourdough Bread
    From: £9.70 / month

    There’s a reason the Foricher Bagatelle T165 white and wholemeal T150 Brun flour have been given Label Rouge status in France…Full traceability and exceptional quality. Furthermore, they make the most fantastic sourdough bread.

    • Shipping to the UK only.
    • Price includes shipping.
    • Includes both T65 White (1kg) & T150 Wholegrain (1kg).
    • Makes high quality artisan bread flour.
    • Ideal feed for your sourdough starter.
    • Subscribe for convenient monthly shipments (cancel at any time).
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