Lodge Bread Pan (Dutch Oven)

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A superb Dutch oven from Lodge Cast-Iron. The pan is perfect for bread, roasts and more. Additionally, the flat lid doubles as a strong and functional skillet and allows the pan to be inverted.

The Lodge Dutch oven is a firm favourite among old school bakers.

  • Made from strong and robust cast iron.
  • Convenient form for baking sourdough or round boules.
  • Lock in steam to promote oven spring and aid dough expansion.
  • Skillet for sautéing vegetables and meat.
  • Handles placed on both the pan and lid for versatile control.
  • The pan comes pre-seasoned (vegetable oil) at Lodge’s foundry.


This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.


Lodge Cast Iron LogoThe Lodge Dutch oven excels with bread baking. That’s why it’s been the go-to pan for old school home bread bakers going years back.

The pan is virtually indestructible. You can use it with a range of ovens that include: induction, ceramic, electric, and gas ovens. Furthermore, you can even use it on the grill, BBQ or camp fire.

Lodge cast iron will stand up to metal, wood, and silicone utensils.

The pan conducts heat evenly and efficiently.

We stock and ship the Lodge Bread pan from the UK.


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Weight 5.96 kg
Dimensions 28.32 × 27.18 × 14.1 cm







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Lodge Cast Iron Bread Pan Double Dutch

Lodge Bread Pan (Dutch Oven)

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This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.