Pizza Stones

What are pizza stones?
Pizza stones are similar to oven trays but instead made of thick stone or granite. The even heat distribution simulates a large stone oven to produce the characteristic crunch we all know and love.
Different types of stones
Pizza stones usually come in a round or square shape. Your choice of shape is entirely up to what feels most comfortable in your hands.
Some stones also offer functional handles which may suit some bakers more than those who prefer a more storable flat design.

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  • Baking SteelBaking steel with pizza
    £41.66 Exc. Tax

    This baking steel, or baking sheet, caters to a range of uses from pizza to baguettes. This simple steel does it all. Just place the steel in your home oven and the thermal quality will absorb heat fast. The steel warms up much quicker than stone and radiates at a much higher heat too.

  • Terracotta baking stone by Mason Cash
    £16.56 Exc. Tax

    With its simple design, the Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen Terracotta Baking & Proving Stone aids in baking and proving beautiful artisan breads and pizzas.

    The Baking Stone, which measures 36.5 cm long by 33 cm wide by 1.5 cm high, serves as both a baking stone and an environmentally friendly proving lid to cover proofing dough in mixing basins.

    Made from classic terracotta, the baking surface is unglazed on the inside and has a grey exterior glaze. The interior of unglazed loaves and pizzas absorbs liquid, wicking moisture away from the surface of the bread dough and producing crispier crusts.

    Place any 29 cm or smaller mixing bowl with the unglazed surface down so that it creates a seal over the bowl and is used as a proving lid.




  • Emile Henry Round Pizza Stone RedEmile Henry Round Pizza Stone Black
    Out of Stock
    £41.25£48.75 Exc. Tax

    Make a crisp, crunchy, and golden pizza crust with the iconic stone design. The fine quality ceramic comes from the Emile Henry workshops in Burgandy, France.

    • The baking stone can be used in an oven, microwave or BBQ.
    • Can be washed in the dishwasher
    • Effortless cleaning
    • Superb pizza cooking results

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