What is Sourdough?

Sourdough is bread made from flour, water and salt. The bread is fermented using a wild yeast and lactic acid bacteria (LAB). The LAB acidify the dough to give sourdough bread the noted tang. Found across the globe, the French refer to it as Levain, Italians call it lievito naturale and the Germans call it sauerteig.

Sourdough bread starts with a sourdough starter. This bubbly pot plays host to a colony of symbiotic microbes. Bakers will often maintain their prized starter and feed it indefinitely. This provides a constant raising agent source.

Importantly, the sourdough starter is alive. It will continue to live and rise your bread with some careful management.

The microbes that make up a sourdough starter secrete enzymes, including amylase and maltose.

The history of sourdough starter began in ancient Egypt where it was used as an ingredient to make breads. One of the earliest records of sourdough starter comes from the 18th century when a German baker named Otto Rohwedder created the first loaf of sliced bread.


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  • Sourdough School Bread Tea Towel
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    A unique, natural cotton bread towel, designed especially for The Sourdough School by Bonfire Cherry, a local artist. This bread towel is an extra-large size to make it practical as well as beautiful. Hand printed using natural inks, it features a sourdough loaf design below the words ‘The Sourdough School’.

  • Sourdough StarterSourdough bread

    A lovely, bubbly, super active white sourdough starter. Bake incredible sourdough bread over and over again with our active house starter.

    • 50g Sourdough starter.
    • Derived from 100+ years old culture.
    • Moist and active starter, not dry.
    • Made fresh to order.
    • Feed it for a never ending yeast source.
    • Instructions supplied.
  • Sourdough t-shirtSourdough t-shirt
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    A Limited Edition Sourdough School or Club T-shirt, for all Sourdough School & Club students, followers and supporters, is available to pre-order now.

    These tees are a brilliant way to express your love for sourdough baking. Furthermore, they’re a great souvenir of a fantastic time had on the course.

    Colour: Navy Black

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  • Hand-made Sourdough Storage PotHand-made Sourdough Storage Pot (Ochre Colour)
    £56.65 Exc. Tax

    This is a finely crafted 750ml lidded pot that’s perfect for your sourdough starter. This is a very limited-run product so order now to avoid disappointment.

    • 3 glaze options
    • 750ml capacity
    • Hand-crafted in the UK.
    • Limited run.
  • Sourdough Starter KitSourdough Starter

    The Sourdough School logoThe Sourdough School white sourdough starter has origins that trace back 115 years.

    Starters are sent out twice a month to ensure freshness. Your kit will be sent out at the same time as the starter.

    • 50g of white starter included free.
    • A 600ml ceramic storage jar with lid.
    • Sourdough School White Starter label.
    • Bag of high quality white flour.
    • Includes a white sourdough video course.
    • 5 Sourdough printed cards – Basic Recipe, Loaf record, Loaf schedule, White Starter, Tasting/Flavour wheel.
    • A video sourdough course.
  • Chocolate Sourdough StarterChocolate sourdough bread

    The Sourdough School logo

    We’ve put together a kit containing just about everything you need to get started with a very special chocolate sourdough starter. It comes with a 50g pot of Sourdough School Chocolate starter. Your kit will be sent out at the same time as the starter, and any other products you might have ordered.

    Pre-order now for dispatch on the date given below.

    • 50g of chocolate starter.
    • A 600ml ceramic storage jar with lid.
    • Bag of high quality white flour.
    • 5 Sourdough printed cards – Basic Recipe, Loaf record, Loaf schedule, Chocolate Starter, Tasting/Flavour wheel.
    • Includes an online Q&A session hosted by Vanessa Kimbell.
    • 3 x 35g Organic cocoa & sugar mix
  • Foricher t150 wholemeal bread flourForicher t150 wholemeal bread
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    Label rouge flourForicher T150 wholemeal flour with label rouge status is blended to create amazing bread.

    • Sourced from France.
    • Build strong gluten.
    • Stocked and shipped from the UK.

    Foricher flour delivered monthly?

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