Netherton Foundry Flax Oil

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A fine flax oil (100ml) for  the preserving, protecting and seasoning of your metal bakeware.

  • Suitable for cast-iron or steel pans and tins.
  • Made from organic flaxseed.
  • Made by Netherton Foundry, UK.
  • Flaxseed grown and pressed in West Sussex.

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Uncoated bakeware, made from spun iron, cast iron, forged-iron, and steel, requires a protective coat known as ‘seasoning’. This thin coat of oil reacts, at high temperature, with the metal and provides a glossy, non-stick seal to help guard against air and water. Additionally, the oil coat will help repel any dough that wants to stick and bind itself to your metal pot or pan.

Choose Netherton flax oil for your favourite pan to preserve the colour, stop rust, and assist with non-sticking.

About The Brand
Netherton Foundry, a Shropshire, UK based iron-worker, use time-honoured traditions to produce superb iron pots, pans and trays.

Netherton cite Abraham Darby as a major influence. The Netherton way of working pays homage to traditional Shropshire iron working techniques of old.
Netherton Foundry Netherton Collection

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Netherton Oil

Netherton Foundry Flax Oil

£11.99 Exc. Tax

In stock