Flour Grain

What is flour Grain?
Flour grain is commonly harvested from a wheat plant. It contains fiber, protein, fat and vitamins.Different Types
Grain and flour are typically categorised into soft/weak or hard/strong types. This classification is relative to the gluten content. Soft is low in gluten and hard is rich in gluten.

A Summary of Grain

Grain that’s used for milling flour comprises of 3 parts.

  1. A protective skin layer. This is commonly referred to as ‘bran’ in wheat.
  2. A seed core, from which a new plant can grow.
  3. A starchy endosperm, essentially flour.

Grain is ground to release the flour held under the skin.


Flour that is high in gluten holds it’s shape well when baked. For this reason, hard or high gluten grain flour is commonly found in bread.

Flour that is soft, or low in gluten, tends to be applied to cakes, pastries for the purpose of a finer crumb.

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