Hand-made Walnut Lame

£33.32 Exc. Tax

Score your bread dough effortlessly with this hand-crafted baker lame. The lame is made from ethically sourced walnut wood and is sure to be a staple tool for your bread baking.

  • Light and agile to use.
  • Ergonomically designed to assist your grip.
  • Originally designed by the late EJ (wood carver of Hatchet + Bear)
  • Make expansive bread dough cuts, scores, and incisions.

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  • Goose lame by Wire MonkeyGoose lame by Wire Monkey - with bread
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    The first stick lame from Wire Monkey, and it’s a thing of beauty!

    The lame allows you to score expansive cuts in your bread dough prior to baking. The cuts and incisions help to create surface texture on your crust.

    The Wire Monkey wooden lames are not treated with chemicals. To avoid drying out, they are instead pre-soaked in our fractionated coconut oil before packaging.

    Comes with 5 Astra blades.

  • UFO Lame by Wire MonkeyUFO Lame by Wire Monkey
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    Every UFO is produced in the small Wire Monkey, family-run shop in Fairfield, Connecticut, in the United States.
    The company is passionate about fair wages, avoiding the use of plastic and harmful chemicals, and supporting the baking industry.

    Some advantages of the UFO Lame include:

    • Complete control of scoring.
    • Ambidextrous ability
    • The blade can be safely stored within.
    • Includes 1 blade.
    • There are no thumb nuts to catch on your dough.
    • No more misplaced blades
    • Made and designed in the good ol’ USA.
Walnut Bakers Lame

Hand-made Walnut Lame

£33.32 Exc. Tax

In stock