Saf Levure Instant Dried Yeast

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Quality French Saf-Levure instant yeast for rising dough.

  • Popular and proven bread yeast.
  • Long shelf life.
  • Mix well with water prior to mixing with flour.
  • Simple to use.


Lesafre Yeast logoThis instant yeast should be mixed with water prior to including flour. This will help to realise the best rise results. Water temperature is key for hospitable conditions. The range should be 35-40C. Outside of this range will startle and inhibit the yeast activity.

Within a short time, the yeast will begin to demonstrate fermentation bubbles. This indicates that it’s ready to use. Saf-levure instant yeast is suited well for humid climates.

This instant yeast is dehydrated (92-93% dry matter). The consistency is granular in form.

It comes It comes in granular form giving it extreme stability at room temperature and good .shelf life

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Active Instant Yeast - Saf-Levure

Saf Levure Instant Dried Yeast

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