Grainlovers Table Flaker

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Flake cereals, pulses and spices with this robust hand flaker from Grainlovers.

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With this table flaker, you can easily create fresh oat flakes in no time. Say goodbye to processed foods and savor the full, rich flavor of freshly prepared oats and more.

Simply Eat Healthy!

Made in Germany, the Grainlovers flaker stands out for its unique design: it doesn’t require attachment to a table or worktop.

What Can the Table Flaker Do?

The table flaker efficiently transforms oat grains into oat flakes in no time at all.

What Else Is Possible?

In addition to oats, the table flaker can process brown millet, buckwheat, golden millet, hemp seeds, linseed, quinoa, and sesame.

Additional Instructions

Einkorn and naked barley can also be flaked, but proceed with caution: briefly soak these grains in a kitchen sieve under running water. Then, spread them out on a towel and let them dry until no more moisture is visible. If the grains are left to dry for too long, the absorbed moisture will evaporate, making the flakes brittle when crushed.

Hopper filling capacity (oats): 110 g
Flaking quantity (oats): Depending on crank speed approx. 35 g/min
Dimensions: 16,5 x 17 x 24,5 cm, mit Kurbel 16,5 x 32 x 24,5 cm
Weight: 2,1 kg
Housing: Plastic, base stainless steel, crank stainless steel and wood
Flaker rollers: stainless-steel
Scope of delivery: Table flaker with crank, funnel insert, open-end wrench, operating instructions
Warranty: 2 years


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Weight 2.1 kg
Dimensions 16.5 × 17 × 24.5 cm

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Grainlovers Table Flaker

Original price was: £132.99.Current price is: £119.99. Exc. Tax

In stock