Samuel Groves Copper Bread Tin

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The materials used to make the 2 lb copper-clad loaf tin are 90% copper and 10% stainless steel.

Together, the copper and stainless steel quickly and evenly transmit heat throughout the cookware, avoiding hotpots and sticking while cooking.

The tin’s exterior coating of copper gives it a distinct, beautiful appearance, while the stainless steel interior makes it simple to use and clean.

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Copper has the best heat conductivity of any material used to produce cookware. You have the most control when cooking with copper since it allows the cookware to quickly reach high temperatures and quickly cool down after being removed from the heat source. Since there are no hot spots on the cookware, food won’t stick while it’s being cooked. The cookware’s interior is lined with stainless steel, making it easy to clean, safe to use, and resistant to acids and alkalis.


To give the cookware extra robustness, the traditional handles are riveted and constructed of ergonomic stainless steel. When preparing food and serving it, they provide tremendous comfort.

Pans for Life

The copper cookware collection qualifies for the Samuel Grives Pans for Life scheme.


The copper cookware collection comes with a lifetime guarantee. Buy once, use forever.


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Weight 1.2 kg
Dimensions 200 × 75 × 86 cm





Samuel Groves Bread Tin

Samuel Groves Copper Bread Tin

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