Spelt Flour

Spelt flour is typically finely milled. It’s use can be traced back over hundred of years, and it has widely known to have been grown Europe.

Spelt flour is often pale and grey, gritty in texture and provides a sweet yet nutty flavour.


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  • Spelt Wholegrain Flour - PernerkaSpelt Wholegrain Flour from Pernerka
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    A wholegrain spelt flour, high in fibre and a great source of protein. Use it to make wholemeal bread or add to your bread mix. This wholegrain spelt is sure to add a nutty dimension.

    • Free from additives.
    • No fortification.
    • Nutty and sweet flavour.


  • Spelt Fine Flour - PernerkaSpelt Fine Flour - Pernerka Close Up
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    A fine, spelt flour with mild nutty and sweet flavoursome tones. Spelt is a rich source of fibre. The flour is light in consistency to help ensure your bake is both fluffy and airy.

    • Rises more quickly than common wheat flour.
    • Suitable for a ratio mix or replacement of wheat flour.
    • Certification: BRC, IFC, GMP, HALAL, KOSHER, BIO.
    • Shipped from the UK.
  • Gilchesters Spelt FlourGilchesters Wholemeal Spelt Flour
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    Gilchesters wholemeal wheat flour is ideal for bread baking by hand, or machine. Additionally, it makes a great base for mixing with other flours and building depth in your baking.

    • Grown in Northumberland.
    • Great for long and slow fermented breads.
    • Free from enhancers and other additives.
  • Spelt Grain Flakes & Flour
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    The Deli house spelt grain is perfect for milling flour at home. Liven up your bread, casseroles, salads and soups.

    Unlike common wheat, this spelt grain has a noticeable nutty taste.

    • Bran is left intact thus enhancing dietary nutrition.
    • Free from additives and unnatural enhancers.
    • Expertly grown in the UK.
    • Shipped from the UK.
    • Great for home milling or flakers.

Spelt, a wholegrain that makes a good strong flour, big taste, easy to work with, highly nutritious and packed with protein. Browse our range of top quality Spelt flour.

What Is Spelt Flour?

Spelt flour is flour milled from spelt. Spelt is a whole grain with a texture similar to wheat. Hence, why it makes a great flour – as traditional flour is made from wheat.

Never tried spelt flour? Perhaps start with 25-50% spelt flour with the remainder being all purpose flour. Start small and slowly increase to your taste.

Where should I store spelt flour?

Store your spelt flour in a cool dry place. Keep it in a sealed container and it should keep for about a year.

Top tip: Purchasing flour more often in smaller quantities will ensure you always have the freshest product.

Spelt Grain – Information and Advice


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