12″ (31cm) Netherton Baking Tray

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  • Pre-seasoned (flax oil) baking tray.
  • Light-weight and durable.
  • Non-stick finish and easy to clean.
  • Made from pure iron with signature Netherton brass rivets.
  • Made in Shropshire, UK by the Netherton Foundry.
  • Suitable for very high heat to ensure form.
  • Can be used in very hot ovens, safe up to at least 300ºC (572ºF).

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Weight: 1lb 11oz  (0.7kg), diameter: 12” (31cm),  height:   0.75″ ( 1.75 cm),  thickness: 1.5mm.

About The Brand
Netherton Foundry, a Shropshire, UK based iron-worker, use time-honoured traditions to produce superb iron pots, pans and trays.

Netherton cite Abraham Darby as a major influence. The Netherton way of working pays homage to traditional Shropshire iron working techniques of old.
Netherton Foundry Netherton Collection

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Weight 0.7 kg
Dimensions 31 × 31 × 1.8 cm




Netherton baking tray - round

12" (31cm) Netherton Baking Tray

£31.08 Exc. Tax

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