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Make your bake irresistibly tasty with these fine essences, extracts and flavourings.


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  • Matthews Preserve Spicy Mango ChutneyMatthews Preserve-spicy Mango Chutney Closeup
    £4.55 Exc. Tax

    Great Taste Logo 3 StarsMatthew’s Preserved Spicy Mango Chutney is collecting a cabinet of awards thanks to it’s commended taste. Argued as the best mango chutney ever tasted, is the perfect accompaniment to a curry dish.

    Accolades include:
    3 Star Great Taste Award (2020)

    A smooth mango chutney made with Indian spices and cayenne pepper.
    It’s sweet heat slowly develops with every single bite.

  • Pomora Olio Nuovo olive oilPomora Olio Limone olive oil

    The quality of olive oil matters and with the Pomora olive oil you’ll find no compromise.

    Grown in the southern parts of Italy (Campania), the oil is bottled (250ml) immediately after harvest to lock in a golden fresh taste. Furthermore, the oil is unfiltered, with a fresh green colour and a distinct and enticing aroma.

    In short, it’s the perfect accompaniment for your sourdough bread.

  • Vanilla PodsVanilla pods being held
    £4.99£9.99 Exc. Tax

    These Madagascan pure vanilla pods are the highest quality vanilla beans in the world.

  • Vanilla powderMadagascan Vanilla
    £5.99£9.99 Exc. Tax

    Our Madagascar vanilla powder is made from the highest quality vanilla beans, grown in the lush rainforests of Madagascar.