Bread Flour

A staple for most home bakers, Bread flour will help you get the perfect dough for your loaves. Bread flour contains a higher level of protein which gives it a better consistency for kneading into dough.


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  • Marriages Strong Organic White FlourBread made with Marriage's strong organic flour

    High protein white flour for bread, rolls, pizza and puff pastry. From UK-based Marriage’s mill.

    • 1kg bag
    • Suitable for bread machines
    • Milling flour since 1824


  • 00 Strong Bread/Pizza Flour

    A fine, light Italian type 00 flour made from strong wheat kernels. Used for baking bread, brioches, buns, and pizza.

    • High in protein flour.
    • Light and fluffy crumb.
    • A clean and familiar taste.
    • Shipped from the UK.
    • Contains Gluten.
  • Spelt Wholegrain Flour - PernerkaSpelt Wholegrain Flour from Pernerka

    A wholegrain spelt flour, high in fibre and a great source of protein. Use it to make wholemeal bread or add to your bread mix. This wholegrain spelt is sure to add a nutty dimension.

    • Free from additives.
    • No fortification.
    • Nutty and sweet flavour.


  • Rye Wholegrain Flour - PernerkaRye Wholegrain Flour - Pernerka
    • Build and develop earthy flavour.
    • Great source of fibre.
    • Low gluten content.
    • Shipped from the UK.
  • Molino Tirelli 00 Flour00 Flour - Blue - Molino Tirelli

    Blue label all-purpose 00 flour from Molino Tirelli. The flour is milled from a mix of fine Italian and European wheat.
    The flour contains a high protein content, providing high elasticity to long leavening doughs.

    The blue label 00 is suitable for bread-making, pastry and pizza.

  • Rye Wholegrain Flour - EcorodRye Flour
    • Build and develop earthy flavour.
    • Great source of fibre and minerals.
    • Low gluten content.
    • Shipped from the UK.
    • Ideal for biscuits, pancakes, muffins, pies, cakes
  • Diversity Blend Wholemeal FlourBotanical Blend Diversity Wholemeal Flour

    A wholemeal base blend flour with a rich range of elements. Made up of 10 grains, seeds, pulses, nettle, and seaweed to pack a powerful and flavorsome punch.

    The flour has been freshly stone-milled, ready to use in your bread and bakes.

    Formulated specifically for sourdough bread by Vanessa Kimbell (The Sourdough School).

  • Canadian White Bread Flour

    Bread flour with very high protein content. Ideal for creating pasta, rolls, and loaves. Due to its superior protein level, Marriage’s Canadian flour is milled in the UK and creates highly robust, flexible dough. Four times Great Taste Award winner.

    • 1.5kg bag
    • Suitable for bread machines
    • Milling flour since 1824
    • Great Taste Award winner
  • Marriages organic wholemeal bread flour

    High protein wholemeal flour for bread, rolls, pizza and puff pastry. From UK-based Marriage’s mill.

    • 1kg bag
    • Suitable for bread machines
    • Stone-milled with French burr stones
    • Milling flour since 1824


  • Spelt Fine Flour - PernerkaSpelt Fine Flour - Pernerka Close Up
    Out of Stock

    A fine, spelt flour with mild nutty and sweet flavoursome tones. Spelt is a rich source of fibre. The flour is light in consistency to help ensure your bake is both fluffy and airy.

    • Rises more quickly that common wheat flour.
    • Suitable for a ratio mix or replacement of wheat flour.
    • Certification: BRC, IFC, GMP, HALAL, KOSHER, BIO.
    • Shipped from the UK.
  • T65 french bread flourBagatelle T65 Flour - Baguettes
    Out of Stock

    Label rouge flourA superb T65 white wheat flour with label rouge status. This Bagatelle flour from French mill Foricher is used by bakers to make incredible baguettes and other breads. Produces a golden crumb.

    • Sourced from France.
    • Use with light and airy breads like baguettes, ciabatta and sourdough.
    • Stocked and shipped from the UK.

    Use by date: 29th October.

  • Sourdough FlourSourdough Bread
    From: £6.99 / month

    A 50:50 base blend of strong white and brown bread flour. Delivered for you as a one-off or on a monthly schedule. If choosing a monthly delivery, you can cancel at any time.

    • Specially selected flour for sourdough bread.
    • Includes both T65 White & T150 Wholegrain.
    • 2x 1KG Bags.
    • High quality artisan bread flour.
    • Ideal feed for your sourdough starter.
  • Foricher t150 wholemeal bread flourForicher t150 wholemeal bread
    Out of Stock

    Label rouge flourForicher T150 wholemeal flour with label rouge status is blended to create amazing bread.

    • Sourced from France.
    • Build strong gluten.
    • Stocked and shipped from the UK.

    Foricher flour delivered monthly?

  • Foricher Flour SubscriptionSourdough Bread
    From: £9.70 / month

    There’s a reason the Foricher Bagatelle T165 white and wholemeal T150 Brun flour have been given Label Rouge status in France…Full traceability and exceptional quality. Furthermore, they make the most fantastic sourdough bread.

    • Shipping to the UK only.
    • Price includes shipping.
    • Includes both T65 White (1kg) & T150 Wholegrain (1kg).
    • Makes high quality artisan bread flour.
    • Ideal feed for your sourdough starter.
    • Subscribe for convenient monthly shipments (cancel at any time).
  • Speciale 00 flourSpeciale 00 flour used in pizza
    From: £2.40 / month and a £2.40 sign-up fee

    Speciale is a superb, super fine 00 flour for making the very best pizza at home. Our double zero, doppio zero or 00 flour, is a very fine and light Italian flour. It’s used to make pizza dough, pasta, and focaccias.

    • High in protein for super elastic dough.
    • Great for a slow rising pizza dough.
    • Creates a light and airy dough form.
    • Great taste and flavour.
    • Soft wheat & starch.


What is Bread Flour?

Bread flour is a type of wheat flour made from hard wheat varieties, containing a high protein content of 1214%. It is milled from the endosperm and bran of the wheat kernel and is usually bleached, which makes it whiter in color and increases the gluten content. The higher protein content of bread flour results in a chewier, denser loaf of bread. It is also capable of developing a more elastic gluten structure, which helps give bread a better rise, loft, and shape.

Where should I store my Bread Flour?

Store your bread flour in a cool dry place. Keep it in a sealed container and it should keep for about a year.


What is bread flour?

Bread flour is a type of wheat flour that is specifically designed for use in baking bread. It is made from hard wheat varieties that have a high protein content, typically between 11-13%. This protein, known as gluten, is responsible for the elasticity and structure of bread dough.

Bread flour has a coarser texture and higher gluten content than all-purpose flour, which makes it ideal for creating the structure and rise of bread dough. It is typically used in bread recipes that require a lot of kneading and shaping, such as baguettes and artisan breads.

Bread flour can also be used in recipes that require a chewy texture, such as pizza dough and focaccia. It can be substituted for all-purpose flour in most recipes, although the resulting texture may be slightly denser and chewier.

Overall, bread flour is an essential ingredient for creating delicious, crusty breads with a satisfying texture.