Brod & Taylor Sourdough Home

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The sourdough home is a small and compact fermenting aid. The Brod & Taylor will monitor, stabilise and ultimately help your sourdough culture to thrive.

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  • Control environment temperature for your sourdough.
  • A temperature Range of 5-50 °C.
  • Measures 19 x 13 x 14cm inside.
  • Detachable UK plug included.

Great bread begins with a great starter and the Sourdough Home allows you the control to ensure that your starter is ready when you are.

The temperature you keep your sourdough starter at will impact texture, flavour and rise.

The control the sourdough home gives the home baker is precise and yields superb results. Effortlessly set the temperature with just the push of a button and ensure peace of mind. With a range of 5-50 °C you can mobilise your starter for baking or slow it down for maintenance.

The settable temperature range will help unlock different flavour profiles, textures. Additionally, it will help you play and discover new ways of baking your sourdough bread.

The Sourdough Home gives the home baker the ability to unlock a new level of experimentation and baking. With sourdough starter, it’s important that it’s maintained in a consistent way but the challenge is that the temperature in your kitchen can vary quite drastically. Home bakers don’t know these little microclimates exist for sourdough. One of the great things about the Brod & Taylor Sourdough Home is that it allows you to effortlessly dial in the temperature you want to keep your starter at. Not only does the tool heat but it also cools. What’s more, you can set the temperature to feed your starter once a day every other day or even once a week. Additionally, it gives you the flexibility to maintain your sourdough starter on your schedule.

The sourdough home allows you to play with different flavour profiles, which might affect the end aroma and texture of your bread. These variations can be changed simply by dialing in the temperature that you like to keep your sourdough starter at.

Brod & Taylor Sourdough Home Dimensions
Brod & Taylor Sourdough Home Dimensions

Ultimately, the Brod & Taylor Sourdough Home gives you the ability to experiment, play and discover new avenues of baking in your own kitchen.

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The Sourdough Home and Temperature Control

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Brod & Taylor Sourdough Home Fermentation Aid

Brod & Taylor Sourdough Home

£107.50 Exc. Tax

In stock