The Spring Oven

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With the Spring Oven, you can steam-bake bread at home and achieve results akin to those of a bakery.

  • Available in 4 different finishes.
  • Features a water channel to aid with steam.
  • It is made from natural clay terracotta.
  • A sloped lid keeps heat close to the bake.
  • Designed and developed in Britain.
  • Light and manageable.
  • It gives great rise and crunchy bite.


Spring Oven Warranty / Guarantee

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The Spring Oven LogoThe Spring Oven is a self-steaming vessel that creates the ideal humid environment for bread baking. With steam safely trapped inside the confines of the pot, your oven is free to run at a high temperature.

A channel surrounds a raised baking platform. Unlike other pots and pans, this can be filled with water prior to baking. The result is a perfectly hydrated dough crust that’s kept moist while it expands.

The pot is made from slip-cast terracotta. This clay material is ideal for radiating even heat and is both beautiful and elegant.

The sloping lid not only focuses heat close to your baking bread but also runs condensed water back into the channel.

Spring Oven Dimensions
Spring Oven Dimensions (32cm x 17.5cm)
Spring Oven base dimensions
Spring Oven Dimensions (Outer: 27.5cm / Inner: 21cm)



The spring oven base has a baking area measuring 27.5cm x 21cm in diameter.
The total height of the base and lid measures 17.5cm high and spans a 32cm diameter.

Product Care:

The spring oven is not dishwasher or microwave safe. To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth. Hand wash in hot water if necessary. Please ensure you do not expose the pot to intense temperature changes.
The spring oven can be used in an oven, but not on a hob.


The Spring Oven comes in a range of 4 different colour options. The original is uncoated throughout. However, if you prefer a glossier none-stick finish you can choose from a honey, blue or white glazed base.

A natural terracotta wraps the exterior of all options.


The Spring Oven is very light for a bread pan or pot. The tagine-like form is a great eye-catcher and easy to handle. The lightweight vessel is ideal for those who don’t want to lug around a heavy cast iron pan. The baking platform is great for small loaves, but if you want to bake something bigger, you may want to opt for another of our pans.

Other options on the market include the Challenger Bread Pan. This cast iron pan is much heavier at 10.5kg. It’s robust, durable, and loved by serious bakers.

UK based, Netherton Foundry offers a spun iron bread pan. It offers good durability and weighs a manageable 6kg.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 44.1 × 29.3 × 15 cm


General Type






Blue, Honey, Terracotta, White

1 review for The Spring Oven

  1. John C.

    Pleased with the results of this. The pan is light and easy to handle, came at a great price and swift delivery.

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Spring Oven

The Spring Oven

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