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Brod and Taylor Category-graphic Brod & Taylor is a name that is synonymous with bread proofing thanks in large part to the Brod & Taylor bread proofer. Brod and Taylor Logo

Brod and Taylor are renown makers of the folding bread proofer. All the benefits of a commercial proofing cabinet in the form of a convenient and foldable design. Perfect for the domestic baker.

  • Brod & Taylor Folding Bread Proofer Out of Stock
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    Brod & Taylor make proofing dough a breeze with this handy folding proofer. Precise and pro control for fermenting and folds flat in seconds.

    The Brod and Taylor bread proofer is a highly regarded tool in baking circles. A must for any aspiring baker, the proofer can also slow cook and ferment.

    • Proves your bread dough
    • Applies even and gentle warmth to assist with rise.
    • Multi functional (proofing, slow cooking, culturing and fermentation, temper chocolate)
    • Convenient and space-saving folded design
    • Measures: 46 × 37 × 27 cm H. 200W
    • Supplied with a UK power cord.
  • Brod and Taylor Sahara dehydrator folded outBrod and Taylor Sahara dehydrator folded down
    £450.00  Excl. VAT

    Folding Dehydrator

    The Sahara™ Folding Dehydrator folds to 1/3 of its size for compact and convenient storage.

    The Sahara boasts a huge 1 m2 of drying area, all controlled via two 750W heaters. Airflow is quiet and highly efficient.

    The Sahara Folding Dehydrator is the perfect solution if you need to dry and preserve foods fast. Blending the rich history of food dehydrating with a fully foldable body, optimized heating and airflow, and stylish modern design, this tabletop appliance is the best way to dehydrate your favourite foods.

    • A filtered air intake
    • Timer
    • Stainless steel or plastic shelves
    • Tough glass doors
    • Compact folding design
  • Brod and Taylor Classic Knife Sharpener Out of Stock
    £64.00  Excl. VAT

    Sharpening your knife has never been such a pleasure with the stylish Brod and Taylor Classic knife sharpener.

  • Brod and Taylor Proofer Shelf Sale
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    A stainless steel shelf kit to create a second level in the Brod & Taylor Folding Proofer. The shelf is ideal for proofing two sheet pans or four loaf pans.

    Utilise space and allow for pans up to a size of 36cm x 30.5cm (14” x 12”) and 3 inches tall. This allows for a 10cm / 4″ rise per loaf.

Brod & Taylor is a baking company founded by Michael Taylor.

What started as an innovative bread proofing gift for his mother-in-law began to attract appeal amongst other bakers eager to use it on their bread dough.

The first folding proofer prototype was introduced to market in 2010 and this development helped revolutionise bread making for a domestic market.

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