Bread Pans

Bread pans, domes and cloches mimic a large bread oven for the home baker.

Trapped steam surrounds bread dough as it bakes, to create explosive expansion. Additionally, the moist humid environment helps to caramelise surface sugar for a mouth-watering golden crust.


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  • Challenger Bread PanChallenger bread pan open
    £268.33 Exc. Tax

    Bake your bread the right way with the beautifully made cast iron Challenger bread pan.

  • Netherton Foundry Bread PanNetherton Foundry Iron Griddle Plate
    Original price was: £116.65.Current price is: £99.75. Exc. Tax

    A 12inch (31cm) spun-iron bread and cooking pan. A collaborative design from Vanessa Kimbell (The Sourdough School) and the Netherton Foundry.

  • Lodge Dutch ovenLodge Dutch oven side view
    £69.00 Exc. Tax

    A traditional, loop-handled Dutch oven from Lodge Cast-Iron. Revered by old school bread bakers, the Lodge Dutch oven will withstand all that you can throw at it. Versatile use in the oven, on the stove, on the grill, or over a campfire.

    • Super strong cast iron.
    • No flaky coatings.
    • Lock in steam.
    • Ergonomic top handle.
    • Comes pre-seasoned (vegetable oil).


  • Lodge camp Dutch oven side viewLodge camp Dutch oven side view
    Original price was: £110.00.Current price is: £91.00. Exc. Tax

    A camp Dutch oven from famed cast-iron maker Lodge. This camp Dutch oven differs to the standard models with its handy legs to raise above hot coals. If you’d prefer, use the bail handle to hang the pot on a tripod.>

    • Pre-seasoned solid cast iron.
    • Super strong heat retention.
    • Legs and large handle to support outdoor cooking.
    • Made in the US, Stocked and shipped from the UK.
  • Spring OvenHoney Spring Oven
    £55.00£65.00 Exc. Tax

    With the Spring Oven, you can steam-bake bread at home and achieve results akin to those of a bakery.

    • Available in 4 different finishes.
    • Features a water channel to aid with steam.
    • It is made from natural clay terracotta.
    • A sloped lid keeps heat close to the bake.
    • Designed and developed in Britain.
    • Light and manageable.
    • It gives great rise and crunchy bite.


  • Netherton Foundry Dutch OvenNetherton Foundry Dutch Oven with lid
    £188.08 Exc. Tax

    The Netherton Dutch Oven is a versatile pot for roasting, baking, frying and much more. The black iron lid with rim is perfect for containing coals and embers, so you can enjoy roasted delights during the winter months. With the 26cm (10.2 inch) DUTCH oven vessel you can wrap up your hot foods.

    • Includes a spun iron 7 pint (4 litre) bowl.
    • Flat lid for holding burning coals, wood.
    • British made spun iron.
    • Crafted from (4 mm) black iron.
  • Emile Henry Bread Cloche - Red
    Out of Stock
    £108.25 Exc. Tax

    Challenger Bread Pan - Free UK ShippingFine ceramic Emile Henry bread cloche.

    The Emile Henry bread cloche is a design classic.

    Shaped like a bell, the dome is used to trap steam and assist with rise.

    Unlike a Dutch oven, bakers can lift the lid to reveal the bake neatly stacked onto a shallow base.

  • Emile Henry Bread Baker PanEmile Henry Bread Pan
    Out of Stock
    £77.00 Exc. Tax

    Challenger Bread Pan - Free UK ShippingThis fine Emile Henry bread pan will help produce a crusty loaf easily. A convenient tool for bakers, it features a shallow base with an oversized lid.

    The form and ceramic stone help assist with humidity. The practical baker comes in a choice of red and charcoal.
    Large handles help ensure your hot bread can be uncovered easily.

  • Lodge Cast Iron Bread Pan Double DutchLodge cast-iron with bread
    Out of Stock

    A superb Dutch oven from Lodge Cast-Iron. The pan is perfect for bread, roasts and more. Additionally, the flat lid doubles as a strong and functional skillet and allows the pan to be inverted.

    The Lodge Dutch oven is a firm favourite among old school bakers.

    • Made from strong and robust cast iron.
    • Convenient form for baking sourdough or round boules.
    • Lock in steam to promote oven spring and aid dough expansion.
    • Skillet for sautéing vegetables and meat.
    • Handles placed on both the pan and lid for versatile control.
    • The pan comes pre-seasoned (vegetable oil) at Lodge’s foundry.


  • Fourneau Grande Bread PanFourneau Grande Bread Pan with bread
    Out of Stock
    £263.00 Exc. Tax

    Convert your home oven into a bread-baking powerhouse with the Fourneau pan. Designed and made in the US.

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  • Bread Vessel
  • Bread Cloche
  • Bread Baking Bell
  • Dutch Oven


Bread pans encase dough, as it bakes and assist cooking conditions. When used in a domestic oven, bakers can realise pro results. Heat and steam is concentrated to provide better conditions for the cooking of bread dough.


Bread pans can come in many different shapes and sizes. Ceramics and cast iron are common materials used to make them.

Bread pans are distinguishable by their rounded form. Unlike squared loaf tins, they tend to be more rounded to suit a range of artisan loaves. Common bread types include sourdoughs, boules, bâtards ciabattas or french loaves.

Essentially, bread pans mimic a large bread oven for the domestic home baker. Trapped steam surrounds the bread dough, as it bakes to help it expand. The moist conditions also help to caramelise surface sugar for a mouth-watering golden crust.

Bread pans develop heat inside your oven and simulate the conditions of a larger bread oven. The pans also enhance, trap, and focus steam needed for developing a perfect bread crust.



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