Bread Pans

What are bread pans?
Bread pans develop heat inside your oven and simulate the conditions of a larger bread oven. The pans also enhance, trap and focus steam needed for developing a perfect bread crust.
Different types of bread pans
Bread pans can come in many different shapes and sizes. Ceramic and cast iron are common materials used to make them.

Bread pans are distinguishable by their rounded form. Unlike squared loaf tins, they tend to be more rounded to suit a range or artisan loafs. Common bread types include sourdoughs, boules, bâtards ciabtattas or french loafs.

  • Netherton Foundry Bread PanNetherton Foundry Bread Pan
    £100.00  Excl. VAT

    A 12inch (31cm) spun-iron bread and cooking pan. A collaborative design from Vanessa Kimbell (The Sourdough School) and the Netherton Foundry.

    • Pre-seasoned with flax oil.
    • Made from robust and strong pure iron.
    • Cast iron top handle with stainless steel fittings.
    • Perfect for range stoves, electric, gas & wood fired ovens.
    • Locks in stream and promotes even baking.
  • Challenger Bread PanChallenger bread pan open
    £210.00  Excl. VAT

    Bake your bread the right way with the beautifully made cast iron Challenger bread pan.

    • Easily removable cover.
    • Creates a perfect amount of steam.
    • Ideal for all shapes of loaf.
    • Made from thick cast iron.
    • Shallow base – to easily load in your dough.
    • Pre-seasoned with grapeseed oil.
  • Emile Henry Bread Cloche - RedEmile Henry Bread Cloche - Black
    £108.25  Excl. VAT

    Challenger Bread Pan - Free UK ShippingFine ceramic Emile Henry bread cloche.

    The Emile Henry bread cloche is a design classic.

    Shaped like a bell, the dome is used to trap steam and assist with rise.

    Unlike a Dutch oven, bakers can lift the lid to reveal the bake neatly stacked onto a shallow base.

  • Emile Henry Bread Baker PanEmile Henry Bread Pan
    £77.00  Excl. VAT

    Challenger Bread Pan - Free UK ShippingThis fine Emile Henry bread pan will help produce a crusty loaf easily. A convenient tool for bakers, it features a shallow base with an oversized lid.

    The form and ceramic stone help assist with humidity. The practical baker, comes in a choice of red and charcoal.
    Large handles help ensure your hot bread can be uncovered easily.

Popular Bread Pan Choices

  • Challenger Bread Pan
  • Emile Henry Bread Cloche
  • Spring Oven
  • Sassafras La Cloche
  • Fourneau Cast-Iron Bread Oven

Types of Bread Pan

  • Bread Pan
  • Bread Vessel
  • Bread Cloche
  • Bread Baking Bell
  • Dutch Oven

How do they work?
Bread pans encase dough, as it bakes and assist cooking conditions. When used in a domestic oven, bakers can realise pro results. Heat and steam is concentrated to provide better conditions for the cooking of bread dough.