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Label rouge flourForicher T150 wholemeal flour with label rouge status is blended to create amazing bread.

  • Sourced from France.
  • Build strong gluten.
  • Stocked and shipped from the UK.

Foricher flour delivered monthly?



100% CRC certified wheat flour (Controlled Reasoned Culture). Cultivated in France, selected according to the terroirs and free from unnatural additives.

Brun de Plaisir CRC T150 wholemeal flour is roller milled by Foricher. Recognised for its quality, the flour has a CRC and French Red Label rating. The Red label status is given for outstanding quality and traceability.

T150 flour is smooth with larger particles of bran. The wheat blend is formulated for building gluten structure in bread. The bran content gives the flour an earthy flavour. The flour produces a bread crumb that is soft.

Autolyse is recommended.

Allergens: for allergens including those containing gluten see ingredients marked in bold. May contain traces of sesame, soya or milk.

Ingredients: wheat flour, wheat bran, wheat gluten, enzyme (alpha-amylase)

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Foricher create and mill exemplary fine French flour. Foricher have honed their milling skill over 20+ years, spanning 7 generations.

Foricher mill 500,000 quintals of wheat each year via their 3 mills.

They employ 90 employees.
La Maison Foricher

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Foricher t150 wholemeal bread flour

T150 Wholemeal Flour - Foricher

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