The Sourdough School

  • Sourdough Starter KitSourdough Starter

    The Sourdough School logoThe Sourdough School white sourdough starter has origins that trace back 115 years.

    Starters are sent out twice a month to ensure freshness. Your kit will be sent out at the same time as the starter.

    • 50g of white starter included free.
    • A 600ml ceramic storage jar with lid.
    • Sourdough School White Starter label.
    • Bag of high quality white flour.
    • Includes a white sourdough video course.
    • 5 Sourdough printed cards – Basic Recipe, Loaf record, Loaf schedule, White Starter, Tasting/Flavour wheel.
    • A video sourdough course.
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  • Netherton Foundry Bread PanNetherton bread pan aerial
    £126.00  Inc. UK Tax

    A 12inch (31cm) spun-iron bread and cooking pan. A collaborative design from Vanessa Kimbell (The Sourdough School) and the Netherton Foundry.

    • Pre-seasoned with flax oil.
    • Made from robust and strong pure iron.
    • Cast iron top handle with stainless steel fittings.
    • Perfect for range stoves, electric, gas & wood fired ovens.
    • Locks in stream and promotes even baking.
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  • Mockmill 100 Grain MillMockmill 100 Lifestyle Picture
    £229.00  Inc. UK Tax

    Compact grain mill design to minimise work space. The Mockmill 100 is a great starter mill for any budding baker. Mill fresh grains, spices and salt with ease.

    • Mill 100g of fine flour in a minute
    • Includes free grain
    • Multifunctional for peas, seeds, wheat and spices
    • Made with renewable materials
    • The freshest flour when you want it
    • Hard-wearing ceramic mill-wheel
    • Adjustable 10 point control for grind coarseness


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  • Mockmill 200 Grain MillMockmill 200 grain mill in a kitchen
    £299.00  Inc. UK Tax

    Mill fresh flour from grain with ease. We’re proud to ship the Mockmill 200 grain mills and grinders from the UK.

    • Electric grain mill with 200G per minute capability.
    • Comes with free grain
    • Adjustable 10 point control for coarse to fine milling,
    • Robust ceramic milling stone.
    • Environment friendly materials.
    • Compact design.
    • Can be used to grind grains, spices and cereals, pulses and more.
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  • Steel bread tin
    £20.39£21.59  Inc. UK Tax

    These steel bread tins ensure a consistent loaf every time.

    These fine commercial steel bread tins are made in the UK.

    The tin internal measures 225 x 100 x 100 mm.

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  • Bake a Boule Bread KitBake a Boule Bread Kit
    £119.99£157.19  Inc. UK Tax

    Bake a fantastic boule or sourdough with this handy bread kit. Perfect for any budding home baker.


    • Bread Pan (Choose from a Lodge or Netherton Foundry)
    • Lame for scoring your dough
    • 2x 1kg wicker round bannetons with liners
    • 1 Dough Scraper
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  • Bordelaise lame from Mure and PeyrotBordelaise lame being flexed (Mure & Peyrot)
    £12.95£17.93  Inc. UK Tax

    Mure & Peyrot lames are the industry standard for scoring dough. Decorate, carve and glide through your dough effortlessly with the Borderlaise lame. The lame includes a blade and a lock device to avoid the blade slip and to support control.

    • Precise dough scoring.
    • Includes a safety cover.
    • Comes with 1 blade.
    • Blades are replaceable.
    • Mure & Peyrot have refined lames since 1904.
    • Made in France.
    • Stocked and shipped in the UK.

    By law, you need to be 18+ years old to purchase this dough scoring knife/lame. By purchasing this product, you agree that you satisfy this requirement. Age verification is required.


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  • Halen Môn Sea Salt for Sourdough BreadHalen Môn Sea Salt for Sourdough Bread

    The Sourdough School logo

    Halen Môn sea salt for Sourdough in a 100g pouch.

    Pack a fresh and tasty punch with salt derived from the sea waters of Anglesey.

    • Unwashed for higher mineral levels.
    • High magnesium sulphate (MgSO4) compared to other rinsed salts (to aid yeast growth during fermentation).
    • Developed by The Sourdough School and Halen Môn, UK.
    • Hand-harvested salt.
    • Supports and aids dough fermentation.
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  • Moroccan Shopper BagMoroccan shopper bag lifestyle
    £49.99  Inc. UK Tax

    Handmade in Morocco from natural palm leaf with real leather handles.

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  • Lodge camp Dutch oven side viewLodge camp Dutch oven side view
    £132.00  Inc. UK Tax

    A camp Dutch oven from famed cast-iron maker Lodge. This camp Dutch oven differs to the standard models with its handy legs to raise above hot coals. If you’d prefer, use the bail handle to hang the pot on a tripod.>

    • Pre-seasoned solid cast iron.
    • Super strong heat retention.
    • Legs and large handle to support outdoor cooking.
    • Made in the US, Stocked and shipped from the UK.
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  • Lodge Dutch ovenLodge Dutch oven side view
    £82.80  Inc. UK Tax

    A traditional, loop-handled Dutch oven from Lodge Cast-Iron. Revered by old school bread bakers, the Lodge Dutch oven will withstand all that you can throw at it. Versatile use in the oven, on the stove, on the grill, or over a campfire.

    • Super strong cast iron.
    • No flaky coatings.
    • Lock in steam.
    • Ergonomic top handle.
    • Comes pre-seasoned (vegetable oil).


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  • Nkuku Mango Wood BreadboardNkuku Mango Wood Breadboard close up
    £36.48£52.00  Inc. UK Tax

    A beautiful round bread or pizza board from Nkuku.

    • Made from sustainable mango wood.
    • Includes a leather tie for handy storage options.
    • Doubles as a great serving platter.
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  • Deeka storage glass jar smallGlass storage jars for sourdough, flour, seeds
    £25.20£34.80  Inc. UK Tax

    Beautiful hand blown glass jars from Nkuku. The clear, bulbous form not only preserves but is perfect for turning your flour, grain, pasta and seeds into a refreshing visual display.

    • Hand-turned natural mango wood lids.
    • Store and preserve dried foods.
    • Airtight seal.
    • Recycled glass.
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  • Opinel Bread KnifeOpinel bread knife being used
    £28.19  Inc. UK Tax

    A curved Opinel serrated bread knife. Use the No.116 knife to cut and slice bread and sourdough with ease.

    • Smooth handle made from Beech wood.
    • 21CM Serrated Stainless-Steel blade.
    • 2MM blade thickness.


    By law, you need to be 18+ years old to purchase this bread knife. By purchasing this product, you agree that you satisfy this requirement. Age verification is required.


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  • Gray round marble bread boardMarble Bread Boards
    £42.49  Inc. UK Tax

    A beautiful round bread or pizza board. Made from sustainable mango wood and gray or white marble. Doubles as a great serving platter.

    • Made from sustainable mango wood and marble.
    • Choose either gray or white marble.
    • Doubles as a great serving platter.
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  • Wicker Round BannetonWicker Round Banneton - Above
    £16.80£18.00  Inc. UK Tax

    A round shaped, hand-crafted, wicker banneton. Sourced from sustainable wicker and linen. The round wicker banneton is great for sculpting round bread dough forms. Used to assist with the proofing stage.

    • Includes linen lining.
    • Hand-made.
    • Shipped in the UK.



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  • Round wooden bread board large
    £30.49£50.40  Inc. UK Tax

    A beautiful bread board hand carved from Mango wood. The board is both practical, for chopping and slicing bread and decorative for use as a great serving platter.

    • Made from sustainable mango wood and marble.
    • Hand etched edges to help with grip.
    • Doubles as a great serving platter.
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  • Sourdough-Loaf-Record-Kit-6-1340x2048
    £49.99  Inc. UK Tax

    Planning is the key to successful sourdough, and I can’t emphasis enough that five minutes planning is the key difference between bakers who make incredible loaves consistently and bakers who are a bit hit and miss. I recommend in my books that all sourdough bakers wanting to improve to keep a record of each bake; it helps to build up a pattern, from which you can better understand how your sourdough behaves. With this kit you can do just that – plan, schedule, record, analyse and taste your bakes. Designed to be used with any sourdough recipe, by any baker.

    Printed on FSC board by a small artisan beer mat printing company in the UK.

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