The Sourdough School

Slide The Sourdough School is a pioneering initiative from author, teacher and sourdough commentator Vanessa Kimbell.

The Sourdough School is dedicated to research and development of sourdough bread baking.

Acclaimed author, Vanessa Kimbell heads The Sourdough School in Northamptonshire. She's regularly found up to elbows in dough and hosting bread-making classes to students from around the world. Vanessa is a third generation baker of Italian descent and has previously trained in several French bakeries.

The Sourdough School The Sourdough School logo
  • Netherton Foundry Bread PanNetherton Foundry Bread Pan
    £100.00  Excl. VAT

    A 12inch (31cm) spun-iron bread and cooking pan. A collaborative design from Vanessa Kimbell (The Sourdough School) and the Netherton Foundry.

    • Pre-seasoned with flax oil.
    • Made from robust and strong pure iron.
    • Cast iron top handle with stainless steel fittings.
    • Perfect for range stoves, electric, gas & wood fired ovens.
    • Locks in stream and promotes even baking.
  • 10 Minute Sourdough Book by Vanessa KimbellVanessa Kimbell 10 Minute Sourdough Book

    10-Minute Sourdough: Bread-making for Real Life

    Hardback book by Vanessa Kimbell.

    The book provides budding bakers with a blueprint for making sourdough that suits everyday life. Vanessa teaches how to successfully slow-ferment bread in just 10 minutes of effort, so that you can enjoy the most delicious bread in the world.

    • A great starter book for those with limited time.
    • Easy sourdough baking.


  • All Day Baking - Michael JamesAll Day Baking by Michael James - Pie Recipe Out of Stock

    Hardback book by Michael James and Pippa James, with a signed nameplate from Michael.

    Michael James is an acclaimed chef and baker. This book is filled to the brim with a tasty, wholesome and comforting recipes.

    A great point of reference for savoury pies, sausage rolls, pasties and focaccia.

  • Halen Môn Sea Salt for Sourdough BreadHalen Môn Sea Salt for Sourdough Bread

    The Sourdough School logo

    Halen Môn sea salt for Sourdough in a 100g pouch.

    Pack a fresh and tasty punch with salt derived from the sea waters of Anglesey.

    • Unwashed for higher mineral levels.
    • High magnesium sulphate (MgSO4) compared to other rinsed salts (to aid yeast growth during fermentation).
    • Developed by The Sourdough School and Halen Môn, UK.
    • Hand-harvested salt.
    • Supports and aids dough fermentation.
  • Nkuku Mango Wood BreadboardNkuku Mango Wood Breadboard close up
    £30.40£43.33  Excl. VAT

    A beautiful round bread or pizza board from Nkuku.

    • Made from sustainable mango wood.
    • Includes a leather tie for handy storage options.
    • Doubles as a great serving platter.
  • Deeka storage glass jar smallGlass storage jars for sourdough, flour, seeds
    £21.00£29.00  Excl. VAT

    Beautiful hand blown glass jars from Nkuku. The clear, bulbous form not only preserves but is perfect for turning your flour, grain, pasta and seeds into a refreshing visual display.

    • Hand-turned natural mango wood lids.
    • Store and preserve dried foods.
    • Airtight seal.
    • Recycled glass.
  • Gray round marble bread boardMarble Bread Boards
    £35.41  Excl. VAT

    A beautiful round bread or pizza board. Made from sustainable mango wood and gray or white marble. Doubles as a great serving platter.

    • Made from sustainable mango wood and marble.
    • Choose either gray or white marble.
    • Doubles as a great serving platter.
  • Round wooden bread board large
    £25.41£42.00  Excl. VAT

    A beautiful bread board hand carved from Mango wood. The board is both practical, for chopping and slicing bread and decorative for use as a great serving platter.

    • Made from sustainable mango wood and marble.
    • Hand etched edges to help with grip.
    • Doubles as a great serving platter.
  • The Sourdough School BookThe Sourdough School Book Picture

    Hardback book by Vanessa Kimbell, with signed nameplate.

    Vanessa Kimbell is an expert in the art of sourdough bread making and heads the acclaimed Sourdough School. This book is a comprehensive and ground-breaking guide of her class teachings.

    Learn how to make a sourdough starter from scratch, find detailed recipes for different types of breads, and get a helpful refresh schedule for maintaining your very own sourdough starter.

  • Sourdough Starter Kit Out of Stock

    The Sourdough School logoThe Sourdough School white sourdough starter has origins that trace back 115 years.

    Starters are sent out twice a month to ensure freshness. Your kit will be sent out at the same time as the starter.

    • 50g of white starter included free.
    • A 600ml ceramic storage jar with lid.
    • Sourdough School White Starter label.
    • Bag of French T45 white flour by Foricher.
    • 5 Sourdough printed cards – Basic Recipe, Loaf record, Loaf schedule, White Starter, Tasting/Flavour wheel.
  • The Sourdough School Sweet Baking BookThe Sourdough School Sweet Baking - Book - Recipe Example

    Hardback book by Vanessa Kimbell, with signed nameplate.

    A fascinating book with a strong focus on natural sweet recipes that are gut-friendly. The book features classic recipes, to sink your teeth into and new flavour ideas and alternatives.

    If it rises, it can be made with sourdough. Vanessa explores how to find gut-friendly alternatives to common cakes, tarts, pancakes, panettone and more. Additionally, the recipes include some superb compotes and syrups that are ideal to pair with your bakes.

  • Flax Oil - Netherton Foundry
    £11.79  Excl. VAT

    A fine flax oil (100ml) for  the preserving, protecting and seasoning of your metal bakeware.

    • Suitable for cast-iron or steel pans and tins.
    • Made from organic flaxseed.
    • Made by Netherton Foundry, UK.
    • Flaxseed grown and pressed in West Sussex.