Sourdough stretch and fold

Sourdough Technique – Stretch and Fold

If you bake with sourdough, you should be familiar with this technique. The stretch-and-fold technique is used to develop gluten in dough over a period of time. Why…

Sourdough Hydration

An Ultimate Guide to Sourdough Hydration

Sourdough hydration refers to the ratio of water to flour in a sourdough bread recipe. It is a crucial part of sourdough baking that impacts the texture, flavour,…

Sourdough Starter Kit

White Starter Maintenance

The Sourdough School starter creates a very light-flavoured French-style milky bread. As a child, Vanessa Kimbell sourced the starter from a small local French bakery. The origins are…

Sourdough Loaf

Basic Wholemeal Tin loaf

A versatile, open textured golden tin loaf recipe. This is a staple base recipe for budding and seasoned sourdough bakers alike. Makes 1 large loaf 500g organic stoneground…

Sourdough starter

How to create a sourdough starter

To bake great sourdough bread, you need a strong and active starter. You can buy a sourdough starter from us here but if you’d like to create your…

Sourdough pizza dough recipe

Sourdough Pizza Dough Recipe

This easy sourdough pizza dough recipe has been made with the help of our friends at the Sourdough School.

Simple Sourdough Boule Recipe

A Simple Sourdough Bread Recipe

A sourdough boule is a traditional French bread, shaped like a ball. For those looking to get into sourdough baking for the first time, it’s a great and…

Sourdough Loaf - perfect for the Challenger Bread Pan

5 Tools Every Serious Bread Baker Should Consider Purchasing

Tools do not make the baker. The baker makes the tools. That’s true. But it’s also true that the best bakers use the best tools. We often get…

Sourdough Recipe (Cinnamon & Raisin)

This is a fine flavoursome sourdough loaf to sink your teeth into. A sweet take on a Sourdough loaf with cinnamon accents and raisin pockets.

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