5 Tools Every Serious Bread Baker Should Consider Purchasing

Tools do not make the baker. The baker makes the tools. That’s true. But it’s also true that the best bakers use the best tools. We often get asked what products can give serious bakers an extra bit of quality in their bread baking. That’s why we’ve put this round-up of the top 5 tools every serious bread baker should consider. These recommendations are based on our favourites and also what customers tell us they love using. 

1. Challenger Bread Pan

Challenger Bread Pan with bread

The Challenger Bread Pan is the tool that keeps on giving. We honestly couldn’t live without it and when we speak to serious bakers, they tell us neither could they. It is an incredibly well-built piece of equipment. 

Check out the Food Geek’s review of the Challenger Bread Pan here.

Buy the Challenger Bread Pan

2. Brod & Taylor Folding Proofer

Folding Proofer by Brod & Taylor

The Brod & Taylor folding proofer gives serious bakers precise control for fermentation and was designed with convenience front of mind. The device can fold flat in seconds and be put away when not in use – a big plus for those of us with lots of table-top devices in the kitchen.

The Brod & Taylor proofer has developed a strong reputation in the baking community and provides that extra control some bakers consider a critical requirement. 


It can also be used as a slow cooker and yoghurt maker — a surprisingly versatile piece of kit.

Buy the Brod & Taylor folding proofer

3. Mockmill 100/200 Grain MillMockmill Grain Mill - Perspective View

Milling your own grains is not for everyone, but for those serious bakers who want the full flavour of their grain — it’s a ritual that should proceed every bake. One of our favourite things about the Mockmill 100 & 200s is the fact that they are made from plastic from renewable plant-based raw materials. 

Named according to the capacity — the Mockmill 100 can mill 100g of grain per minute, while the Mockmill 200 can mill 200g per minute.

Once you try milling your own grain, we are confident you won’t want to go back.

Buy the Mockmill 100 or Mockmill 200

4. Good Quality Bread Tins

Good industrial quality bread tins are hard to come by. Our bread tins are very popular due to the hard wearing, commercial quality of the products. You won’t find tins like this in high street cookware stores. Exceptional quality at extraordinary prices. 

View our range of bread tins

5. Dough Scraper 

Dough Scraper

Similarly to our bread tins, our dough scrapers are extremely popular with both hobbyist and more serious bakers. They are made with a specially developed p.t.f.e non-stick coating for superior release of wet dough and is fully approved by the FDA which has the strictest standards worldwide. These scrapers are very hard wearing and will quickly become an everyday use tool for bakers who enjoy using quality tools in the kitchen.

Buy the Campbell’s Dough Scraper

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