Starter Refresh How to refresh and use your sourdough starter

25g White Starter
100g Organic White Flour
100g Water (36℃)

The Sourdough School starter creates a very light-flavoured French-style milky bread. As a child, Vanessa Kimbell sourced the starter from a small local French bakery. The origins are said to be traced back over 115 years. The starter is replenished using finely ground organic white flour. Furthermore, the starter is kept at 100% hydration meaning equal parts of water and flour are used during replenishment.

How To Refresh and Maintain

25g White Starter
100g Organic White Starter
100g Water (36°C)

Mix the starter vigorously with water. Once mixed, combine the flour until the mixture is fully combined.

Loosely cover the pot, thus allowing the starter to breathe and freely omit gasses. Leave to ferment at an ambient temperature of 20-23°C for 8-10 hours.

By this time, the starter should have doubled in size. Place in the refrigerator or use to bake with immediately. Refrigerate at least twice per week to maintain the active starter.

If your starter has not doubled in size, repeat the above process.

Using your starter to bake with

If your starter has been refrigerated, it’s important to activate it before baking. Refresh the starter, before baking, to ensure it’s bubbly and active.

Bacterial Profile Analysis (December 2017)
Yeast: Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Lactobacillus Kimchii
Lactobacillus Sanfrenciscensis
Lactobacillus Acidifarinae






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