How to create a sourdough starter

To bake great sourdough bread, you need a strong and active starter.

You can buy a sourdough starter from us here but if you’d like to create your own, follow this handy guide.

Ingredients you’ll need
Warm water (28°)
Good quality wholegrain flour
Equipment you’ll need
Measuring jug
Clean jars


Flour quality is important for the starter microbes to thrive. We recommend using our 50:50 sourdough blend mix.

Day 1 AM – Mix

In a clean jar, add 110g of water together with 100g of flour. Stir vigorously with a whisk to mix and aerate. Continue to mix until both parts are combined well into 1

Gas will omit from the mixture so cover the jar loosely and place the jar nearby to a gentle heat source (22-23°) for 24 hours.

Day 2 AM – Refresh

In a new clean jar, add 60g of water together with 50g of flour. Take 100g from the starter created the previous day and add this to the mix. There should be some signs of bubbling air pockets. Mix again vigorously using a whisk.

Day 2 PM – Refresh

Repeat the AM process of refreshment.

Day 3-6 – Double Refresh

Continue to refresh your starter twice a day until your starter begins to double in volume over a 5 hour period.


Why is my starter not working?
Make sure you’re using 28° water to refresh your starter. Additionally, ensure the rest temperature is set at 22-23°.

What should I do when i’ve created a successful starter?
Place the jar of starter into the fridge. Make sure the jar is covered with a lid. Refresh weekly using the process above.

Preparing the starter for baking with

To bake great sourdough bread, your starter needs to be at peak activity. The longer it’s left, the more relaxed it becomes. The more it’s fed, the more active it will be. Preparation depends on how often you use it to bake with and how frequently you refresh it. If you’re not baking very often and using the weekly schedule outlined above, a double refreshment is recommended before you bake. Here’s the steps to follow before you bake:

Day 1 (PM)

Place 30g of your starter a clean jar. Add to this 60g of water (16-18°) and whisk vigorously. The whisk helps to oxygenate the water and aid the development of yeast microbes in your culture. Add to the mix 100g of wholegrain flour. Spelt flour is ideal for this. Combine well and then cover with a lid. Leave the jar at room temperature 22-23°.

Day 2 (AM)

Repeat the full process done the day before. Leave the jar for roughly 12 hours.

Day 2 (PM)

By this time your starter should now have increased dramatically in volume demonstrating high activity. Your starter is now ready to bake with.



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