Round Wicker Banneton

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A round shaped, hand-crafted, wicker banneton. Sourced from sustainable wicker and linen. The round wicker banneton is great for sculpting round bread dough forms. Used to assist with the proofing stage.

  • Includes linen lining.
  • Hand-made.
  • Shipped in the UK.

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The small basket is suitable for making 500g loaves. The larger basket will hold up to 1KG of bread dough.

The linen liner features an elasticated edge and covers approx. 40mm of the outside area.

Finished with a non-toxic, water-based varnish which is food-safe.

Bannetons are a tool to help shape bread during the proofing stage.

They come in a variety of materials (cane, wicker or plastic) and a range of shapes.

Bannetons are also referred to as brotforms and proofing baskets.

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    • UK stockist.
    • Exceptional quality and durability.
Wicker Round Banneton

Round Wicker Banneton

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