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  • Foricher t150 wholemeal bread flourForicher t150 wholemeal bread Out of Stock

    Label rouge flourForicher T150 wholemeal flour with label rouge status is blended to create amazing bread.

    • Sourced from France.
    • Build strong gluten.
    • Stocked and shipped from the UK.

    Foricher flour delivered monthly?

  • T65 french bread flourBagatelle T65 Flour - Baguettes Out of Stock

    Label rouge flourA superb T65 white wheat flour with label rouge status. This Bagatelle flour from French mill Foricher is used by bakers to make incredible baguettes and other breads. Produces a golden crumb.

    • Sourced from France.
    • Use with light and airy breads like baguettes, ciabatta and sourdough.
    • Stocked and shipped from the UK.

    Use by date: 29th October.

  • Foricher Flour SubscriptionSourdough Bread
    From: £9.70 / month

    There’s a reason the Foricher Bagatelle T165 white and wholemeal T150 Brun flour have been given Label Rouge status in France…Full traceability and exceptional quality. Furthermore, they make the most fantastic sourdough bread.

    • Shipping to the UK only.
    • Price includes shipping.
    • Includes both T65 White (1kg) & T150 Wholegrain (1kg).
    • Makes high quality artisan bread flour.
    • Ideal feed for your sourdough starter.
    • Subscribe for convenient monthly shipments (cancel at any time).