Rye Grain – Information and Advice

How does rye grain taste?

Rye is a heritage grain which has a subtle nutty, pepper and malty taste on the palate. The strength of flavour varies between types.

The blue variety of rye grains can be fragrant, sweet, and tangy.

Generally, rye is used to add a taste depth that can’t be achieved with mild wheat grains


Bread crumbs from rye grains tend to possess a gummy quality unless it’s balanced well with another grain type.


Unlike wheat, the durable grain is good at resisting harsh conditions such as cold and drought.

Grains have a low gluten content, rich in amylase enzymes.

Origin and history

Rye grain cultivation can be traced back to Ararat, Turkey. Due to the ability to withstand varied weather conditions, it was commonly used in breads eaten by peasant folk. More prosperous groups would instead opt for milder wheat grains in their diets.


Rye is rich in analyse enzyme, which helps to break down carbs and aid digestion.

Storing the grain

Rye grain is a durable grain that can be stored for long periods of time. It’s advised to store grain for no longer than 6 months at room heat or no longer than 1 year in a freezer.

What can I use rye grain with?

Rye grain can be used to add a complex flavour to breads, pastries, and cookies.

It’s commonly used as a percentage with other grains, making the baking mixture more workable and the bake less gummy.

Forms of rye

  • Rye Field (rye plants)
  • Rye Berries (rye kernels)
  • Rye Flakes ( kernels that have been steamed and rolled)
  • Cracked Rye or Rye Chops (split kernels)

Types of rye flour

  • White Rye Flour
  • Cream or Light Rye Flour
  • Medium Rye Flour
  • Dark Rye Flour
  • Rye Meal
  • Pumpernickel Flour or Meal

What is dark, light and white rye

Rye flour can be classified according to colour. The darker the rye flour, the more bran and germ it’s likely to contain. Light rye is pale because it has some of these parts removed. White rye flour has no trace of bran or germ.

Bread made from Rye Grain
Bread made from Rye Grain

Mills for rye grain

Home Grain Mills We Sell

  • Mockmill 100 Grain MillMockmill 100 Lifestyle Picture
    £204.16 Exc. Tax

    The compact Mockmill 100 grain mill has a small footprint to minimise work space. Furthermore, the 100 model is a great starter mill for any budding baker. Mill fresh grains, spices and salt with ease.

    • Mill 100g of fine flour in a minute
    • Includes free grain
    • Multifunctional for peas, seeds, wheat and spices
    • Made with renewable materials
    • The freshest flour when you want it
    • Hard-wearing ceramic mill-wheel
    • Adjustable 10 point control for grind coarseness


  • Mockmill 200 Grain MillMockmill 200 grain mill in a kitchen
    £249.16 Exc. Tax

    Mill fresh flour from grain with ease. We’re proud to ship the Mockmill 200 grain mills and grinders from the UK.

    • Electric grain mill with 200G per minute capability.
    • Comes with free grain
    • Adjustable 10 point control for coarse to fine milling,
    • Robust ceramic milling stone.
    • Environment friendly materials.
    • Compact design.
    • Can be used to grind grains, spices and cereals, pulses and more.


  • Mockmill Lino 100 Grain MillMockmill Lino Grain Mill - Perspective
    £310.66£404.16 Exc. Tax

    The Mockmill Lino grain mills are made up of two models. Both are distinguishable by their motor. The 100 mill is capable of a 100G of fine flour per minute whereas the 200 is capable of 200G of fresh, fine flour per minute. The Lino 100 is a great mill for the starter miller and the Lino 200 would suit the more impatient, who want flour fast!

    • Easy to operate electric mill.
    • 10-point adjustable control for coarse to fine.
    • 100: Outputs 100 grams of soft wheat / minute.
    • 200: Outputs 200 grams of soft wheat / minute.
    • Sturdy and robust motor.
    • Ceramic milling stone (90mm).
    • Casing: Wood and Arboblend® (bio-plastic).
    • Made in Germany.
    • Shipped from the UK.


  • Komo Medium Grain Mill - FrontKomo Medium Grain Mill - With Grain
    Out of Stock
    £274.16 Exc. Tax

    The Fidibus Medium uses a very strong motor to power a self-sharpening mill stone. It’s housed beautifully in a beech casing.

    The hopper can hold a total of 850g of grain.

    • Made in Austria, shipped from the UK.
    • Sourced from sustainable wood.
    • Perfect for home milling.
    • 100G p/m flour output
    • 12 Year Guarantee.
    • Can be used with other dried food like pulses.

    The porous Komo mill stone is not suitable for non-oily grains or seeds. Please always check the user guide.

    Suitable for UK and European power outlets.

The Grains We Stock

  • Wholemeal wheat grain gilchesters

    Organic Food IconUK-grown wholemeal wheat grain from Gilchesters. The organic grain is ideal for milling flour to bake bread with. Discover unrivalled fresh taste now.

    • Use in common bread baking.
    • Organically grown and additive free.
    • Grown in Northumberland, UK.

    The grain is organic and may contain traces of other seeds.


  • Wholemeal spelt grain Gilchesters

    Organic Food IconA UK produced spelt grain from Gilchesters. This organic spelt grain is suitable for home milling. Use as a wheat replacement or in combination with other wheat varieties. Packed full of fiber, protein, zinc and B vitamins.

    • Spelt is generally light and mild in taste.
    • Can improve and aid digestion.
    • Spelt is an ancient heritage grain.
    • for use in bread, risotto, pastries and cookies.
    • High mineral content.
    • No additives.

    The grain is organic and may contain traces of other seeds.


  • Emmer Grain - Gilchesters Organics
    Out of Stock

    Organic Food IconUK-grown wholemeal Emmer grain from Gilchesters. The organic and ancient grain is ideal for milling Emmer flour.

    • Use in common bread baking.
    • Organically grown and additive free.
    • Grown in Northumberland, UK.

    The grain is organic and may contain traces of other seeds.


  • Scotland the Bread GrainRye Grain - Scotland the Bread
    Out of Stock

    Organic Food Icon3 Types of grain from Scottish producer Scotland the Bread.

    • Wakelyn’s YQ organic wheat grain
    • Balcaskie Landrace organic wheat grain
    • Ulltofta organic rye grain
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