Pizza Stone: Buying Guide

When buying a pizza stone, what are the key considerations you need to think about?

  • What material should I choose?
  • Who makes the best pizza stones?
  • Can I make my own pizza stone?
  • Where should I buy my pizza stone from?
  • Can I use it on a BBQ?
  • Should I season my pizza stone?
  • Should I buy a Pizza stone or pizza pan?
  • Is a Pizza Stone absolutely necessary for the best pizza?

What material should I choose?

Choosing the right material is the first decision to make when purchasing a pizza stone. 

Ceramic is highly heat-resistant and radiates heat evenly across its surface. This makes it a fantastic material for making pizza stones with. 

Pizza stones made from ceramics are more delicate than some other materials pizza stones are produced from. 

Our top Ceramic pizza stone: Emile Henry pizza stone

Clay pizza stones are able to absorb moisture incredibly well. The main issue users of clay pizza stones find is the low heat-resistance.

Steel pizza stones are a popular choice, this material can heat up quicker than other materials. It also has a higher resistance to heat than the other materials, you may need to experiment with temperatures to avoid burning your pizza base.

Cast Iron

Cast iron pizza stones are highly durable, handles heat very well and has a range of uses including stove top cooking, or frying. They are a popular choice amongst home pizza makers.


Heat Resistant Durability Cost Versatility
Ceramic High Med Med High
Clay Low High Low Low
Steel High High High High
Cast Iron High High Med-High High


Who makes the best pizza stones?

There are a range of well known and specialist producers of pizza stones. 

We trust and stock brands such as Emile Henry, Weber & Lodge. 

So naturally, we’d say these brands make the best pizza stones!

Can I make my own pizza stone?

Home bakers can make their own pizza stone, this will generate mixed results, and we would advise purchasing from a reputable brand that has refined their product to deliver great results. 

But if you’re that way inclined, DIY pizza enthusiasts have been known to build pizza stones. The best results typically come from unglazed quarry tiles, that are available from home improvement stores.

Where should I buy my pizza stone from?

You can purchase your pizza stone from DeliverDeli, as well as any good kitchenware store. Make sure you do your research, as the quality of your pizza stone really will influence the end results.

Can I use it on a BBQ?

There’s nothing like a BBQ grilled pizza, but can all pizza stones be used on a BBQ?

The short answer is; it depends.

It will depend on whether the material your pizza stone is made from can handle the temperatures that you’re BBQing at. Pizza stones usually come with some product description that will include whether it can be used on a BBQ. 

Our Emile Henry pizza stone is suitable for use on a BBQ.

Emile Henry Pizza Stone Ridged with Pizza
Emile Henry Pizza Stone Ridged with Pizza

Should I season my pizza stone?

There is no right or wrong on this. Some bakers will bake the stone by itself before using it properly. Others will dust the stone with flour before baking a pizza to prevent sticking. If you get the dough right, you shouldn’t need too.

We have used new pizza stones without seasoning in the DeliverDeli kitchen with great results. It’s all personal preference!

Should I buy a Pizza stone or pizza pan?

If you’re looking to create Neapolitan style thin crust pizza, and your oven can go up to high temperatures (240-260) the stone will offer best results. 

If you’re going for a deep dish pizza-pie result, then the pan may be the best option. 

pizza prepare dough hand topping

Is a Pizza Stone absolutely necessary for the best pizza?

Looking for the best possible pizza at home, without splashing out on a pizza oven?

Then we would say yes, a stone is critical to getting that special pizza that is going to blow your taste buds away and wow your friends.

Of course, you can get satisfactory results without one, but we believe if you’re a true connoisseur, it is worth the investment. Once you use it you will understand the difference it makes. 


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