Pizza Steels

A pizza steel, or baking steel, is a baking tool rightly growing in popularity.

Pizza Steel Method

  1. The steel is placed in an oven to heat up. The steel absorbs and retains heat.
  2. Typically, using a pizza peel, the uncooked pizza is transferred to the hot steel.
  3. The extreme heat radiates through the pizza base and cooks the pizza fast.

Why Steel?

Steel is a far more efficient conductor of heat than stone. The material lends itself to convenience. However, stone is the material of choice for traditional clay fire pizza ovens. The porous surface nature of stone may produce different results.

How does a Pizza Steel work?

In an ordinary oven, hot circulated air provides the main heat source for baking. The purpose of a pizza steel is to provide a secondary source of heat. Heat radiates from the steel to the base of a pizza. This ensures the base is given sufficient heat to cook well.


  • Pre-heats fast
  • Cooks a pizza fast
  • Wipes clean


How long should pre-heat a pizza steel for?

For a steel around 0.6 cm in thickness, we would recommend around 30 minutes. Set the heat at 450 °F/230 °C. Always be sure to check the instructions for exact guidance, though.

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