Komo Milling Guide

Need some help with your new Komo grain mill? Here’s a handy list of what you can mill.

What can you mill in a Komo grain mill?

The Komo mills can grind a vast array of dried foods. However, the stone mills commonly use a ceramic mill stone that does not work well with oil, fat or moisture.

Please refer to the following table to find out what great grains and more you grind down.

Oily seeds icon Grain Info Icon
FIDIBUS 21 x x x x Download PDF
MAGIC x x x x Download PDF
KOMOMIO x Download PDF
PK 1 x Download PDF
JUMBO x Download PDF
FIDIFLOC 21 x ✔ (Flaker Setting) x x Download PDF
FIDIFLOC MEDIUM ✔ (Flaker Setting) Download PDF
DUETT 100 ✔ (Flaker Setting) Download PDF
DUETT 200 ✔ (Flaker Setting) Download PDF
FLOCINO x x x Download PDF
FLICFLOC x x x Download PDF
FLOCMAN x x x Download PDF
HAND MILL x x Download PDF

How to clean a Komo grain mill

If you frequently use your grain mill with a range of flavoured foods, you may want to cleanse the mill stone. Use the following steps to clean away any unwanted flavours.

  1. Turn the mill output setting to coarse.
  2. Switch on the mill.
  3. Ensure the hopper is free from any debris or old remnants.
  4. Fill and grind 2 handfuls of long grain white rice.
  5. Repeat this process as needed.

Here’a a helpful video to summarise the cleaning process:

KoMo DIY - Cleaning the mill (extended)

What if my Komo grain mill overheats?

All KoMo models include a feature to prevent overheat. Normal use should not trigger this. If the mill does overheat, simply turn it off and disconnect from the power source. Leave to cool for double amount of time it was used to mill prior to the overheating

Komo Instruction Guides

Komo models include an instruction guide. Please refer to this. PDF copies are available in the milling table above.

View all grain mills.

Our Range of Komo Grain Mills

  • Komo Medium Grain Mill - FrontKomo Medium Grain Mill - With Grain
    £328.99  Inc. UK Tax

    The Fidibus Medium uses a very strong motor to power a self-sharpening mill stone. It’s housed beautifully in a beech casing.

    The hopper can hold a total of 850g of grain.

    • Made in Austria, shipped from the UK.
    • Sourced from sustainable wood.
    • Perfect for home milling.
    • 100G p/m flour output
    • 12 Year Guarantee.
    • Can be used with other dried food like pulses.

    The porous Komo mill stone is not suitable for non-oily grains or seeds. Please always check the user guide.

    Suitable for UK and European power outlets.

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  • Komo Fidibus 21 Grain Mill FrontFidibus 21 Grain Mill Out of Stock
    £231.60  Inc. UK Tax

    The Fidibus 21 grain mill from Komo is a classic among the Komo grain mill collection.

    The traditional design grinds with great efficiency and low noise. Perfect for grinding fine flour from grain in an instance.

    • Composite granite mill stones.
    • Fine Beech housing.
    • Perfect for wheat milling.
    • 100G p/m flour output
    • Adjust fine to course output.
    • 12 Year Guarantee.
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  • KomoMio grain mill blueKomoMio grain mill yellow
    £216.00  Inc. UK Tax

    The funky KomoMio grain mill will help you grind flour grain, pulses and more. All from within your very home.

    Made in Austria, this fun and colourful mill is sure to freshen up your mornings and your muesli. The mill blends beech wood housing with fresh and funky coloured trim.

    • Made from beech solid wood and bio plastic.
    • Ceramic mill stone.
    • Perfect for home milling.
    • 100G p/m flour output.
    • Adjust fine to course output.
    • 12 Year Guarantee.
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  • Komo Flocman / Flaker Out of Stock
    £324.00  Inc. UK Tax

    The Komo Flocman flaker is great for flaking grains.

    Unlock unrivalled freshness with the electric powered flaker. The steel rollers will make light work of a range of oats and cereals.

    • Perfect for flaking your own cereal.
    • Made from solid beech wood.
    • Includes a handy ceramic bowl.
    • 12 Year Guarantee.
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The Grains We Stock

  • Scotland the Bread GrainRye Grain - Scotland the Bread Out of Stock

    Organic Food Icon3 Types of grain from Scottish producer Scotland the Bread.

    • Wakelyn’s YQ organic wheat grain
    • Balcaskie Landrace organic wheat grain
    • Ulltofta organic rye grain
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  • Wholemeal spelt grain Gilchesters

    Organic Food IconA UK produced spelt grain from Gilchesters. This organic spelt grain is suitable for home milling. Use as a wheat replacement or in combination with other wheat varieties. Packed full of fiber, protein, zinc and B vitamins.

    • Spelt is generally light and mild in taste.
    • Can improve and aid digestion.
    • Spelt is an ancient heritage grain.
    • for use in bread, risotto, pastries and cookies.
    • High mineral content.
    • No additives.

    The grain is organic and may contain traces of other seeds.

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  • Emmer Grain - Gilchesters Organics

    Organic Food IconUK-grown wholemeal Emmer grain from Gilchesters. The organic and ancient grain is ideal for milling Emmer flour.

    • Use in common bread baking.
    • Organically grown and additive free.
    • Grown in Northumberland, UK.

    The grain is organic and may contain traces of other seeds.

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  • Rye Grain GilchestersGilchesters Rye Grain

    Organic Food IconA superb UK-grown rye grain from Gilchesters. The organic rye grain packs huge flavour that does not disappoint. Expand your taste depth, mill great flour and enhance common bakes.

    • Use to build nutty, sweet and malty flavour in your baking.
    • Balance with other common wheat grains for a better crumb.
    • Rye is a heritage grain for use in bread, pastries and cookies.
    • Low gluten content.

    The grain is organic and may contain traces of other seeds.

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