What can you bake in the Challenger Bread Pan?

This rounded cast iron vessel will lend itself to a range of bread baking applications. From sourdough to baguette, we check out some types.

Popular uses for the Challenger Bread Pan:


Boules (meaning ‘ball’ in French) is traditional French bread, characterised by its ball shape. Boules are made from any flour type. Leavening agents can include common yeast, chemical leavening or a sourdough starter.


A baguette (or French bread) is a long loaf of a cylindrical nature. It is distinguishable by its long length and a very crispy crust.


A bâtard is similar to a baguette. It is a rounded cylindrical shape, in appearance, but wider and shorter that a common baguette. The edges are tapered similarly to a baguette. Slashes are cut diagonally, using a lame or grignette.

Sourdough loafs and bread

Unlike most common breads, sourdough loafs are leavened using a natural sourdough starter instead of a common yeast. A sourdough starter is a mixture of fermented flour and water that possesses wild yeast and healthy bacteria. The sourdough loaf is typically tangy in flavour and has a somewhat chewy crunch.

Sourdough Loaf - perfect for the Challenger Bread Pan

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