A short history of Emile Henry Bakeware

Emile Henry bakeware is a brand with long and rich traditions.

In 1848 a young potter, from Burgundy, named Jacques Henry discovered a keen interest in ceramics.

In 1870 the first Emile Henry workshop was born. The workshop specialised in jugs and tureens.

In 1900 Jacques son Paul, with a strong eye for enterprise, introduced the brand to the mass markets in Paris. Parisians were only too keen to adopt it in their kitchens.

In 1911 a ruffled pie dish was created which became a signature design of the company.

In 1986 the strong eye-catching colour palettes were introduced to the Emile Henry cookware. The colours have become a key characteristic in the bakeware today and brighten up kitchens across France.

In 2014 the bread cloche was developed. The Cloche is a simple design to simulate the characteristics of a larger bread oven.


Emile Henry. The story of our products.