Christmas Baking Gifts

Need some inspiration for your stockings this Christmas? These carefully selected baking treats are sure to inspire.


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  • Challenger Bread PanChallenger bread pan open
    £268.33 Exc. Tax

    Bake your bread the right way with the beautifully made cast iron Challenger bread pan.

  • Mockmill 100 Grain MillMockmill 100 Lifestyle Picture
    £191.65 Exc. Tax

    The compact Mockmill 100 grain mill has a small footprint to minimise work space. Furthermore, the 100 model is a great starter mill for any budding baker. Mill fresh grains, spices and salt with ease.

    • Mill 100g of fine flour in a minute
    • Includes free grain
    • Multifunctional for peas, seeds, wheat and spices
    • Made with renewable materials
    • The freshest flour when you want it
    • Hard-wearing ceramic mill-wheel
    • Adjustable 10 point control for grind coarseness
  • Hand forged, Steel, Bread KnifeHand forged, Steel, Bread Knife, handle close-up
    £333.32 Exc. Tax

    Free UK Delivery IconA steel bread knife forged and handcrafted by Richard Harris, using time-honoured traditions.

    • A blade designed for cutting artisan bread, loaves, and sourdough.
    • Hand forged by Richard Harris.
    • 1080 Steel made in Sheffield using 95% recycled materials.
    • English walnut handle.
    • Hammered brass bolster & pin.
    • Blade length 10.25“.
    • Blade height: 50 mm.
    • Estimated 215 grams total.
    • Handle Length: 6″ with contoured grip.
    • Overall Length: 17″.
  • Netherton Foundry Bread PanNetherton Foundry Iron Griddle Plate
    £99.75 Exc. Tax

    A 12inch (31cm) spun-iron bread and cooking pan. A collaborative design from Vanessa Kimbell (The Sourdough School) and the Netherton Foundry.

    • New and improved griddle base with handles (19/20/22).
    • Pre-seasoned with flax oil.
    • Made from robust and strong pure iron.
    • Cast iron top handle with stainless steel fittings.
    • Perfect for range stoves, electric, gas & wood fired ovens.
    • Locks in stream and promotes even baking.
  • 10 Minute Sourdough Book by Vanessa KimbellVanessa Kimbell 10 Minute Sourdough Book

    10-Minute Sourdough: Bread-making for Real Life

    Hardback book by Vanessa Kimbell.

    The book provides budding bakers with a blueprint for making sourdough that suits everyday life. Vanessa teaches how to successfully slow-ferment bread in just 10 minutes of effort, so that you can enjoy the most delicious bread in the world.

    • A great starter book for those with limited time.
    • Easy sourdough baking.


  • The Sourdough School BookThe Sourdough School Book Picture

    Hardback book by Vanessa Kimbell, with signed nameplate.

    Vanessa Kimbell is an expert in the art of sourdough bread making and heads the acclaimed Sourdough School. This book is a comprehensive and ground-breaking guide of her class teachings.

    Learn how to make a sourdough starter from scratch, find detailed recipes for different types of breads, and get a helpful refresh schedule for maintaining your very own sourdough starter.

  • Opinel Intempora Bread KnifeOpinel Intempora Bread Knife being used
    £41.66 Exc. Tax

    The Opinel Intempora knife features a curved serrated blade for making light work of all types of bread.

    • Fiberglass handle to limit impact damage.
    • Very sharp teeth.
    • Full-tang blade runs through the handle for great control.
    • A stainless steel blade made from Sandvik 12C27 modified stainless steel.
    • Anti-corrosive blade with no special maintenance.

    By law, you need to be 18+ years old to purchase this bread knife. By purchasing this product, you agree that you satisfy this requirement. Age verification is required.

  • All Day Baking - Michael JamesAll Day Baking by Michael James - Pie Recipe

    Hardback book by Michael James and Pippa James, with a signed nameplate from Michael.

    Michael James is an acclaimed chef and baker. This book is filled to the brim with tasty, wholesome and comforting recipes.

    A great point of reference for savoury pies, sausage rolls, pasties and focaccia.

  • Netherton foundry baking steelNetherton Foundry Baking Tray (white background)
    £34.50 Exc. Tax

    A thin, light, and agile iron baking tray from UK-based Netherton Foundry.

    The iron tray design is the result of a joint effort between Val Stones (Bakeoff 2016) and the Foundry.

    • 2MM thick black iron sheet.
    • Heats up fast and gets very hot.
    • Safe up to 300ºC.
    • Signature Netherton brass rivet.
    • Promotes even baking of bread, pizza and more.
    • Pre-seasoned with Flax oil.
    • Ergonomic raised lip.
  • Netherton Iron Bread TinNetherton Foundry Bread Loaf Tin Close Up
    £31.67 Exc. Tax

    A finely crafted black iron bread tin (2lb / 1kg) from Netherton Foundry.

  • Goose lame by Wire MonkeyGoose lame by Wire Monkey - with bread
    £35.99 Exc. Tax

    The first stick lame from Wire Monkey, and it’s a thing of beauty!

    The lame allows you to score expansive cuts in your bread dough prior to baking. The cuts and incisions help to create surface texture on your crust.

    The Wire Monkey wooden lames are not treated with chemicals. To avoid drying out, they are instead pre-soaked in our fractionated coconut oil before packaging.

    Comes with 5 Astra blades.

  • Spring OvenHoney Spring Oven
    £58.32£65.00 Exc. Tax

    With the Spring Oven, you can steam-bake bread at home and achieve results akin to those of a bakery.

    • Available in 4 different finishes.
    • Features a water channel to aid with steam.
    • It is made from natural clay terracotta.
    • A sloped lid keeps heat close to the bake.
    • Designed and developed in Britain.
    • Light and manageable.
    • It gives great rise and crunchy bite.


  • Hand-made Sourdough Storage PotHand-made Sourdough Storage Pot (Ochre Colour)
    £56.65 Exc. Tax

    This is a finely crafted 750ml lidded pot that’s perfect for your sourdough starter. This is a very limited-run product so order now to avoid disappointment.

    • 3 glaze options
    • 750ml capacity
    • Hand-crafted in the UK.
    • Limited run.
  • Thermapen baking / cooking thermometer red
    £44.00 Exc. Tax

    The Thermapen Classic is a hand-held thermometer. Ideal for cooking and baking.

    • Comes with a 2-year guarantee.
    • 1500-hour battery life.
    • Hand-made in the UK.
    • -49.9 to 299.9°C range.
    • An instant temperature read in 3 seconds.



  • Marcato Atlas 150 Pasta MachineMarcato Atlas 150 Pasta Maker with Pasta
    £55.67 Exc. Tax

    If you’re looking for a high-quality pasta maker that makes it easy to create fresh, delicious pasta at home, the Atlas 150 Classic is a great option.

    The Atlas 150 Classic creates home-made pasta with ease.

    • Get unbeatable fresh pasta taste
    • A wide choice of extras
    • Adjustable roller (10 point)
    • Made from heavy-duty steel and alloy
  • Walnut Bakers LameHand-made baking lame close up with packaging
    £33.32 Exc. Tax

    Score your bread dough effortlessly with this hand-crafted baker lame. The lame is made from ethically sourced walnut wood and is sure to be a staple tool for your bread baking.

    • Light and agile to use.
    • Ergonomically designed to assist your grip.
    • Originally designed by the late EJ (wood carver of Hatchet + Bear)
    • Make expansive bread dough cuts, scores, and incisions.
  • Wooden spatula with flourWooden spatula mixing
    £24.99 Exc. Tax

    If you are looking for a durable, versatile, and sustainable kitchen tool, the wooden spatula is a great option. It is a must-have for any kitchen.

    • Light and agile to use.
    • Tough and hard-wearing.
    • Gentle on your cookware.
    • Ethically sourced and biodegradable.
    • Add a touch of natural beauty to your kitchen.
  • Vanilla PodsVanilla pods being held

    These Ugandan pure vanilla pods are the highest quality vanilla beans in the world.

  • Vanilla powderVanilla Powder
    £5.99£9.99 Exc. Tax

    Our pure vanilla powder is made from the highest quality vanilla beans, grown amongst the lush rainforests of Uganda.

  • DeliverDeli gift card

    If you have a baker friend or family member and don’t know what to gift, this gift card is the perfect solution for you. Simply choose the amount, and we’ll send a gift card to the nominated email address on your behalf.

  • Imperia pasta machineImperia pasta machine side view
    £67.99 Exc. Tax

    Making your own pasta is a breeze with the Imperial pasta maker. You can choose the thickness and width you prefer, with six options available and a maximum width of 150mm. Features: Easy hand-crank operation Create your own pasta from scratch Make pasta up to 150mm wide Smooth handle for…

  • Sourdough Starter KitSourdough Starter

    The Sourdough School logoThe Sourdough School white sourdough starter has origins that trace back 115 years.

    Starters are sent out twice a month to ensure freshness. Your kit will be sent out at the same time as the starter.

    • 50g of white starter included free.
    • A 600ml ceramic storage jar with lid.
    • Sourdough School White Starter label.
    • Bag of high quality white flour.
    • Includes a white sourdough video course.
    • 5 Sourdough printed cards – Basic Recipe, Loaf record, Loaf schedule, White Starter, Tasting/Flavour wheel.
    • A video sourdough course.
  • Goldie by SourhouseGoldie by Sourhouse, with sourdough starter
    £119.99 Exc. Tax

    The Goldie is a compact sourdough starter aid.

    Created by Sourhouse (A US-based start-up), the Goldie is the first of its kind.

    When you work with sourdough, you know how the environment is key to fermentation. As bakers, we need to control the fermentation accurately. In turn, this gives us the best results.

  • Brod & Taylor Sourdough Home Fermentation AidBrod & Taylor Sourdough Home Fermentation Aid With Bread
    £104.99 Exc. Tax

    The sourdough home is a small and compact fermenting aid. The Brod & Taylor will monitor, stabilise and ultimately help your sourdough culture to thrive.