Spelt Grain


The Deli house spelt grain is perfect for milling flour at home. Liven up your bread, casseroles, salads and soups.

Unlike common wheat, this spelt grain has a noticeable nutty taste.

  • Bran is left intact thus enhancing dietary nutrition.
  • Free from additives and unnatural enhancers.
  • Expertly grown in the UK.
  • Shipped from the UK.
  • Great for home milling or flakers.

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Spelt Grain

If you want to mill or flake your own spelt at home, our high quality spelt grain is the ideal solution.

Spelt, unlike more popular wheat grains, retains a genetic state largely kept intact. Popular wheat strands have tended to undergo genetic profile changes over the years.

In modern farming, grain genetics can be altered to fortify, enhance crop yield and reduce production costs. These practices suit mass production. Spelt, differs in this respect. As a result, the taste, and profile are largely unchanged from what it has always been.

Create Spelt Flakes

Crispy, malty spelt flakes are great for adding texture to your dishes. Each flake rolled for your enjoyment.

Can you cook the spelt grain?

Yes you can cook it. Simply boil in water for 20 minutes.

What’s pearled spelt?

Pearled spelt is made from removing the outer layer (bran) from the grain.


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    • Spelt is an ancient heritage grain.
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    • High mineral content.
    • No additives.

    The grain is organic and may contain traces of other seeds.


Spelt Grain Flakes & Flour

Spelt Grain

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