Baking Trays

Discover a vast array of oven baking trays available at DeliverDeli.

None-stick baking trays are protected for timely use bake after bake. Simply grease each time and watch as your bake slides off the steel.

Stainless Steel baking trays are extremely durable for beginner to professional bakers.


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  • Baking SteelBaking steel with pizza
    £41.66 Exc. Tax

    This baking steel, or baking sheet, caters to a range of uses from pizza to baguettes. This simple steel does it all. Just place the steel in your home oven and the thermal quality will absorb heat fast. The steel warms up much quicker than stone and radiates at a much higher heat too.

  • Pizza & Bread Peel - Netherton FoundryPizza & Bread Peel - Netherton Foundry being used
    £62.79 Exc. Tax

    This Netherton Foundry peel is designed to easily retrieve baked items from the oven. The peel is ideal for placing and extracting pizza and flatbreads that are usually hard to handle.

  • Terracotta baking stone by Mason Cash
    £16.56 Exc. Tax

    With its simple design, the Mason Cash Innovative Kitchen Terracotta Baking & Proving Stone aids in baking and proving beautiful artisan breads and pizzas.

    The Baking Stone, which measures 36.5 cm long by 33 cm wide by 1.5 cm high, serves as both a baking stone and an environmentally friendly proving lid to cover proofing dough in mixing basins.

    Made from classic terracotta, the baking surface is unglazed on the inside and has a grey exterior glaze. The interior of unglazed loaves and pizzas absorbs liquid, wicking moisture away from the surface of the bread dough and producing crispier crusts.

    Place any 29 cm or smaller mixing bowl with the unglazed surface down so that it creates a seal over the bowl and is used as a proving lid.




  • Challenger Bread PanChallenger bread pan open
    £273.33 Exc. Tax

    Bake your bread the right way with the beautifully made cast iron Challenger bread pan.

  • Focaccia Tray for Rofco OvenFocaccia Tray for domestic Oven
    £26.66£29.15 Exc. Tax

    This deep pan Focaccia tray will ensure a golden irresistible crust and bake. Comes in a choice of 2 sizes. The domestic version is ideal for home bakers and the larger industrial version is suited to the B40 Rofco oven.

    • Sizes: (domestic oven) 33cm x 38cm x 3.8cm / (Rofco industrial oven) 45.72cm x 45.72cm x 5.08cm
    • Robust heavy duty welded corners
    • non stick coating (fully approved by the FDA for food use)


  • Silicone Baking Mat for a Rofco Oven
    Out of Stock
    £11.00 Exc. Tax

    This is a purpose built silicone baking mat for your Rofco oven. The mats come in packs of 3. Durable, easy to store and glide removal of your bake.

    Silicone and the non-stick coating makes for easy cleaning and the flex helps storage.


  • Wire Grid (Rofco B40 Size)
    Out of Stock
    £11.00 Exc. Tax

    Hard-wearing wire grid specifically designed for the Rofco oven. Suspend you bake effortlessly with this made to measure grid. Can also be used as a cooling rack for your bread or other bakes.


  • Netherton Foundry Iron Griddle Plate
    Out of Stock
    £69.96 Exc. Tax

    Pre-seasoned (flax oil) griddle and bake plate.

    • Heavy duty and virtually indestructible thick black iron plate.
    • Non-stick finish and easy to clean.
    • Made from pure iron with signature Netherton brass rivets.
    • Made in Shropshire, UK by the Netherton Foundry.
    • Suitable for very high heat to ensure form.
    • Use in domestic ovens, open flames and BBQs.
  • Lodge Cast Iron Pizza Pan
    Out of Stock
    £61.77 Exc. Tax

    A timeless cast iron pizza pan from Lodge Cast Iron measuring 35.56 cm / 14 inch.

    • Comes Pre-Seasoned for instant use.
    • Create fantastic pizza fast.
    • Use the pan to handily sear meat and veg.
    • Large loop handles on both sides for easy control with mitts.
    • The cast iron radiates even heat with no weak spots.
    • Will withstand the heat of any conventional or convection oven.
    • Can be used safely with metal, wood and silicone utensils.
    • Lodge Lifetime guarantee.
  • Emile Henry Round Pizza Stone RedEmile Henry Round Pizza Stone Black
    Out of Stock
    £41.25£48.75 Exc. Tax

    Make a crisp, crunchy, and golden pizza crust with the iconic stone design. The fine quality ceramic comes from the Emile Henry workshops in Burgandy, France.

    • The baking stone can be used in an oven, microwave or BBQ.
    • Can be washed in the dishwasher
    • Effortless cleaning
    • Superb pizza cooking results
  • Netherton Foundry Roasting TrayNetherton Foundry Roasting Tray close-up
    Out of Stock
    £56.67 Exc. Tax

    A large, roasting tin that’s ideal for making focaccia.