The Sourdough School Bread Towel

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A unique, natural cotton bread towel, designed especially for The Sourdough School by Bonfire Cherry, a local artist. This bread towel is an extra-large size to make it practical as well as beautiful. Hand printed using natural inks, it features a sourdough loaf design below the words ‘The Sourdough School’.

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From Vanessa (The Sourdough School):

These bread towels are brilliant on so many levels when you are a baker. I almost always have one in use in my kitchen, the extra-large size means that they are really versatile. I will often wet a bread towel to cover my mixing bowl during the bulk prove. This helps to provide a humid environment for the dough and prevents a skin forming. A dry bread towel is perfect for storing a sourdough loaf – wrap it around your bread before popping it into one of our beautiful bread bags. We specifically designed the bread towel to be big enough to completely wrap even a large French miche sourdough loaf. And when I’m slicing my sourdough I often put the large bread towel underneath the loaf. This catches the crumbs, and means you can gather up the four corners and shake the crumbs outside where the birds can eat them.

Each 76x47cm bread towel is hand printed as part of a small batch. Bonfire Cherry, our local artist, uses only natural inks and dries each one on his washing line. And, of course, one of the most important features of a really good bread towel is that it washes well, over and over again.

I think these bread towels are really very special.

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Sourdough School Bread Tea Towel

The Sourdough School Bread Towel

£19.19  Inc. UK Tax

In stock