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  • Netherton Foundry Bread PanNetherton Foundry Iron Griddle Plate
    Original price was: £116.65.Current price is: £99.75. Exc. Tax

    A 12inch (31cm) spun-iron bread and cooking pan. A collaborative design from Vanessa Kimbell (The Sourdough School) and the Netherton Foundry. Includes a 6mm Welsh griddle base with handles (lipped tray can be bought separately).

  • Netherton Foundry Iron Griddle Plate
    £64.99 Exc. Tax

    Pre-seasoned (flax oil) griddle and bake plate.

    • Heavy duty and virtually indestructible thick black iron plate.
    • Non-stick finish and easy to clean.
    • Made from pure iron with signature Netherton brass rivets.
    • Made in Shropshire, UK by the Netherton Foundry.
    • Suitable for very high heat to ensure form.
    • Use in domestic ovens, open flames and BBQs.
  • Netherton foundry baking steelNetherton Foundry Baking Tray (white background)
    £34.50 Exc. Tax

    A thin, light, and agile iron baking tray from UK-based Netherton Foundry.

  • Pizza & Bread Peel - Netherton FoundryPizza & Bread Peel - Netherton Foundry being used
    Original price was: £62.79.Current price is: £54.99. Exc. Tax

    This luxury Netherton Foundry peel allows you to easily transfer baked items to and from the oven. The peel is ideal for use with pizzas, flatbreads, sourdough, and other types of bread.

  • Netherton Iron Bread TinNetherton Foundry Bread Loaf Tin Close Up
    £22.49£25.16 Exc. Tax

    A finely crafted black iron bread tin (2lb / 1kg) from Netherton Foundry.

    The 2lb tin is shipping from 21st May.

  • Netherton Foundry Pie Dish
    £30.79£35.58 Exc. Tax

    If you’re looking for a long-lasting pie pan, this is it. Netherton Foundry created the perfect cooking vessel for pies, cake, tarts, and more. Keep your ingredients content from what’s going on in the oven with our reinforced steel lip and iron handles.

  • Netherton Foudry Wok
    £56.42£64.75 Exc. Tax

    Welcome you to the world of authentic wok cooking! The Netherton Foundry frying pan is perfect for stir-frying, deep-frying, and steaming. The flat bottomed design allows heat to spread evenly across its surface. And it’s made right here in Britain by Netherton Foundry, along with a range of other products.

  • Netherton Foundry Saucepan
    £86.38£100.71 Exc. Tax

    Traditional British Ironware, hand-made, 100% made in Britain: We’ve taken our long-standing heritage of crafting high quality cookware to the next level. Made with a robust, durable 99.1% pure iron sauce pan, The Netherton Foundry flax-oiled cookware is not only non-toxic but hard-wearing too. You won’t have to worry about rust or corrosion and the surface is easy to clean.

    • Twin spouts for left and right handed pouring.
    • Removable oak handle with brass fixings.
    • Hand-spun from iron in Britain.
    • Lightweight for agile handling.
    • Includes lid
  • Netherton Foundry TagineNetherton Tagine Lid Sunset
    £245.00£252.00 Exc. Tax

    7 pint (4 litre)
    Spun iron bowl
    Ceramic tagine / British oak knob.

  • Samuel Groves Bread TinSamuel Groves Bread Tin Aerial
    £208.33 Exc. Tax

    The materials used to make the 2 lb copper-clad loaf tin are 90% copper and 10% stainless steel.

    Together, the copper and stainless steel quickly and evenly transmit heat throughout the cookware, avoiding hotpots and sticking while cooking.

    The tin’s exterior coating of copper gives it a distinct, beautiful appearance, while the stainless steel interior makes it simple to use and clean.

  • Samuel Groves 2lb bread tin aluminiumSamuel Groves bread tin aluminium aerial
    £16.66£20.00 Exc. Tax

    The Mermaid Silver Anodized Loaf Tin offers excellent heat conductivity, is lightweight, and has a sturdy shape, making it ideal for baking delicious malt loaves, fruit breads, or pate.

  • Netherton Foundry Loaf Tin ClocheNetherton Foundry Loaf Tin Cloche Separated
    Original price was: £63.30.Current price is: £60.00. Exc. Tax

    A pair of Netherton Foundry black iron 2lb (1kg) loaf tins that lock together. Made to bake explosive and expansive bread loaves.

  • Copper Bread Tin - Netherton FoundryCopper Bread Tin Side - Netherton Foundry
    Original price was: £152.62.Current price is: £139.99. Exc. Tax

    A solid 1.5mm, heavy duty, copper loaf tin is polished to a soft lustre and features the Netherton logo stamped on the base.
    The hand wiped tin lining in this loaf tin is food grade approved pure metal and is the classic method of protecting the copper from acidic foods and thus preventing flavour tainting.

    This tin is PLASTIC, PTFE & PFOA free.

    Perfect for breads and cakes, patés and terrines.

    Weight 1lb 11oz (779g),
    Tin dimensions: 8½” (22cm) long x 5½” (14.5cm) wide x 2¾” (7.2cm) high.
    Loaf dimensions: 6¾” (17cm) long x 4½” (12.0cm) wide x 2¾” (7.2cm) high.

  • Netherton Foundry Cake Tin
    £26.79 Exc. Tax

    Baking a cake shouldn’t be hard, but it does take some skill. Netherton Foundry designed this round cake tin to make it a little easier for you. It’s made from solid iron and has a brass rivet running through the middle. You can use this to bake cakes at high temperatures with ease.

    • Hand-made in Shropshire, Britain
    • Made from 99.9% Spun Iron
    • 8½” (22cm) Diameter
  • Netherton Foundry Dutch OvenNetherton Foundry Dutch Oven with lid
    £188.08 Exc. Tax

    The Netherton Dutch Oven is a versatile pot for roasting, baking, frying and much more. The black iron lid with rim is perfect for containing coals and embers, so you can enjoy roasted delights during the winter months. With the 26cm (10.2 inch) DUTCH oven vessel you can wrap up your hot foods.

    • Includes a spun iron 7 pint (4 litre) bowl.
    • Flat lid for holding burning coals, wood.
    • British made spun iron.
    • Crafted from (4 mm) black iron.
  • Netherton Foundry Frying PanNetherton Foundry Frying Pan
    Out of Stock
    £50.71£78.75 Exc. Tax

    Prepare your food with confidence and make cooking much more enjoyable with this British oak handled, pre-seasoned frying pan.

  • Netherton Foundry Prospector PanNetherton Foundry Prospector Pan Closeup
    Out of Stock
    £52.38£78.33 Exc. Tax

    If you’re looking for a pan that does it all, then you’ve found it. The Netherton Foundry prospector pan is capable of cooking anything under the sun including pancakes and curry. Its large, round shape makes it perfect for frying and browning as well. The spun iron construction also makes it ideal for absorbing heat evenly, which means that you’ll get perfectly cooked dishes every time.

    • Made from hand in Shropshire, Britain.
    • Made from 99.9% Spun Iron.
    • Versatile, easy to store.
  • Netherton Foundry Roasting TrayNetherton Foundry Roasting Tray close-up
    Out of Stock
    £56.67 Exc. Tax

    A large, roasting tin that’s ideal for making focaccia.



  • Thermapen baking / cooking thermometer red
    Out of Stock
    Original price was: £44.00.Current price is: £40.00. Exc. Tax

    The Thermapen Classic is a hand-held thermometer. Ideal for cooking and baking.

    • Comes with a 2-year guarantee.
    • 1500-hour battery life.
    • Hand-made in the UK.
    • -49.9 to 299.9°C range.
    • An instant temperature read in 3 seconds.



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