Flakers enable you to split, crush or grind oats and more.

Now you can make muesli your muesli as fresh as your coffee in the morning.



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  • Komo Flocman / Flaker
    £299.00 Exc. Tax

    The Komo Flocman flaker is great for flaking grains.

    Unlock unrivalled freshness with the electric powered flaker. The steel rollers will make light work of a range of oats and cereals.

    • Perfect for flaking your own cereal.
    • Made from solid beech wood.
    • Includes a handy ceramic bowl.
    • 12 Year Guarantee.
  • Mockmill Flaker attachment for mixersMockmill Flaker attachment for mixers
    £129.99 Exc. Tax

    The brand new flaker attachment from Mockmill is now available. Preorder the Flakes attachment now to enjoy unrivaled cereal flakes.

    Looking for a way to discover new and delicious fresh flake flavours? Try the flaker mixer attachment from Mockmill, and elevate your culinary creations to new heights. This innovative machine is made from plant-based bioplastic and features durable stainless steel rollers, perfect for flaking a variety of wheat.

    • Suitable for the following mixers: Electrolux (some models), KitchenAid (all models), Kenmore (some models).
    • Adjust the thickness of flakes.
    • 2 Year warranty


  • Komo Flocino Grain FlakerKomo Flocino Grain Flaker
    £140.00 Exc. Tax

    The KoMo Flocino is a manual home flaker that turns grains, seeds, and herbs into flakes (not suitable for corn). The mill is great for creating homemade muesli. With special rollers, it’s super easy to roll flakes fast, whether you use naked or dehulled oats.

  • Flakelovers - Wolfgang Mockmill FlakerFlakelovers flaker by Wolfgang Mock
    £165.83 Exc. Tax

    Unlock new taste sensations with The Flakelovers electric flaker from Wolfgang Mock.

    • Made from plant-based bio plastic.
    • Flake pulses, beans, spices, and sunflower seeds and more.
    • Stocked and shipped from the UK.
    • 3 Year warranty.
    • Made by Mockbake.
    • Stainless steel rollers.
    • 2 week handling time.
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