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  • Komo Flocman / Flaker Out of Stock
    £324.00  Inc. UK Tax

    The Komo Flocman flaker is great for flaking grains.

    Unlock unrivalled freshness with the electric powered flaker. The steel rollers will make light work of a range of oats and cereals.

    • Perfect for flaking your own cereal.
    • Made from solid beech wood.
    • Includes a handy ceramic bowl.
    • 12 Year Guarantee.
  • Komo Magic Grain Mill
    £295.32  Inc. UK Tax

    The Komo Magic is a steely mill with a powerful industrial grade motor.

    The hopper can hold a total of 850g of grain.

    • Made in Austria, shipped from the UK.
    • Housed in solid wood.
    • Perfect for home milling.
    • 100G p/m flour output.
    • Control fine to coarse output.
    • 12 Year Guarantee.
    • Can be used with other dried food like pulses.

    The porous Komo mill stone is not suitable for oily grains or seeds. Please always check the user guide.

    Suitable for UK and European power outlets.

  • Opinel Bread KnifeOpinel bread knife being used
    £25.99  Inc. UK Tax

    A curved Opinel serrated bread knife. Use the No.116 knife to cut and slice bread and sourdough with ease.

    • Smooth handle made from Beech wood.
    • 21CM Serrated Stainless-Steel blade.
    • 2MM blade thickness.


    By law, you need to be 18+ years old to purchase this bread knife. By purchasing this product, you agree that you satisfy this requirement. Age verification is required.


  • Hawos Easy
    £299.00  Inc. UK Tax

    The Easy, from Hawos, is a small unassuming grain mill, capable of 100G of fresh flour per minute.

    – Electric motor capable of 100G P/M (Fine).
    – Tiny and compact footprint.
    – Simple fine/coarse adjustment via the wheel.
    – 10 year guarantee.
    – Corundum ceramic composite grind stone.

  • Hawos Muehle Grain Mill
    £478.80  Inc. UK Tax

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    The Muehle 2 (or Mühle 2) grain mill is a milling appliance, clad in fine, solid beech. The mill features a compact and traditional design.

    • Electric motor capable of 400G P/M.
    • Powerful 600W motor.
    • Housed in ethically sourced solid beech.
    • Quiet performance.
    • Corundum ceramic composite stone mill wheel.

    Note for allergy sufferers: All hawos grinders are quality controlled using gluten-free grains.