Introducing the UK Baking / Pizza Steel

The popularity of the baking steel, or pizza steel, is rapidly rising amongst bakers. There’s some great benefits to using one. We take a look at the pros and cons when using our own steel.


The baking steel is a tough and robust piece of bakeware. Unlike a baking stone, you can be sure it’s not going to break easily.

At 6 mm, the steel is heavy. Unlike a domestic baking tray, you’re unlikely to be moving the steel around too much. The best way to use it, is to store the tray on an oven shelf. Whereas you would remove a baking tray each time you use it, it would be more suitable to remove the baked item using a peel or gloves.

  • Smooth none-stick surface.
  • Very high heat source.
  • Heats up fast

Baking steel sizeSize

When we created the baking steel, we wanted a size that utilised the shelf space of a domestic UK oven. Therefore, we cut the steel at 33CM X 38CM. Other steel sizes are planned.

Using a steel for pizza

Authentic Italian pizza cooks in a stone/clay fire oven. The heated stone floor radiates heat up through the dough fast. Additionally, flames flicker over the dough and brown the top.

A dedicated pizza oven is costly and takes up a lot of space. The baking steel is a cheaper option. The steel is perfect for pizza and provides a direct heat source from below. This enhances and gives a crispier crust in the same way as a true, authentic pizza oven.

Baking Steel in Oven

Why did we choose steel over stone?

We chose steel because of how strong it is. Stone is brittle and known to break. If you cook a lot, you need something robust.

How to Clean

The baking oils should build up and provide a strong, protective layer over time. Simply remove debris from the steel after each bake. Any leftover oil is harmless and will towards a none-stick coating.

Occasionally, washing is necessary. Use soapy water with a cloth, pat dry with a towel and apply a light coating of oil (flaxseed oil) to the surface. Bake the oil into the steel for 40 minutes on 220 degrees. Steel rusts when it comes into contact with water and air. Oil helps protect from both elements.

How to Season the Baking Steel

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