Ndali Vanilla Powder


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This is Ndali Vanilla Powder – basically everything from the vanilla bean, all milled into a fine powder with skin, seeds, and pulp. It’s super versatile and potent and it’s beloved by chefs. Tasty notes of dates, honey, musk, and butterscotch.

Ideas for Use:

Throw it into smoothies, juices, and homemade muesli. Spice up recipes for scones, waffles, biscuits, cakes, and ice cream. A pinch of salt adds flair to fried mushrooms, sliced tomatoes, or even the rim of a cocktail glass. Mix it into sugar, whipped cream, dressings, sauces, and homemade yogurt. Sprinkle in drop scone mixes, poached pears, stewed fruit, jams, fruit crumbles, and coulis.


Ndali Vanilla Powder is like having forty vanilla beans in one packet—pure vanilla with no sugar, gum, carrier, or fiber. It’s a favorite among juicers, smoothie lovers, and health food enthusiasts for its vibrant, warm, and essential kitchen-cupboard appeal.

Why Chefs Love It:

Jason Atherton loves its exceptional flavour, aroma, and texture.
Xanthe Clay finds it warmer and spicier, making it delicious.
Ravinder Bhogal appreciates its versatility in making panna cotta and custard.

Flavour Notes:

The powder is more concentrated than regular gourmet beans, with earthy and peppery undertones. When added to food, it bursts with honey, butterscotch, musk, and smoky dates.

Why Choose Vanilla Powder:

Much of the vanilla flavour is in the skin, not just the seeds. Milling the whole bean makes it easy to use in things like smoothies, juices, mueslis, icings, and quick recipes.

How to Use It:

1 teaspoon equals the strength of 1 extra-strong vanilla pod. Use ¼ to 1 tsp in recipes needing vanilla beans, extract, or flavour. Be cautious with low-temperature or uncooked recipes to avoid overpowering them. In custard, use a small pinch to maintain color and subtle depth. A pinch works great for giving a warm lift to juices and smoothies.

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Ndali vanilla powder

Ndali Vanilla Powder

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